Drive to Drive Clone with Data Rescue 4

There are many reasons for doing a drive clone. The most important and common is for is for backup purposes. Secondly, is for users looking to upgrade to a new and larger hard drive and migrate their files. If you simply drag the files over the drive will no longer be bootable therefor a clone is your best option.

Data Rescue 4, hard drive recovery software offers a Clone tool that makes creating a drive clone a simple process. Here are the steps and video on how to do so.

In order to clone from a Drive to another Drive, you will need a destination drive of equal or greater size. Once the source and destination drives are connected you can Launch the Data Rescue application and in the main window.

• Select The Green button “Start Recovering Files” then

• Select the drive that you want to clone from, and then select next.

• From the list of options you will want to

• Select the Clone Tool Icon on the far right and click continue.

• Select the hard drive that you will use for the destination drive and then click Start.

A Warning Message will then appear, warning you of data loss on the destination drive please read and then click continue.

The clone feature in Data Rescue 4 is a RAW data clone, so once the drive clone is completed you will need to preform a deep scan on the newly created clone drive in order to recover your data.

If you need any further assistance please contact out free US based support team.