Drive Genius Gets Mojave Support!

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Drive Genius Gets Mojave Support!

Prosoft announces today that its popular Drive Genius utility is being updated to version 5.3 and now offers improved MacOS version 10.14, Mojave support. Through its popular BootWell function, Drive Genius can even create Mojave emergency drives.

This is an exciting development for Drive Genius users everywhere. As wildly popular Mojave has been in terms of adoption rate, its underlying improvements required significant changes in utilities like Drive Genius. "We highly recommend this update to all current Drive Genius users.”, said Greg Brewer, CEO of Prosoft Engineering, Inc., the maker of Drive Genius and the related Data Rescue products. “Drive Genius can now finally work up to its full Mojave potential”.

This important update also includes improvements in localization, Voice Over, Consistency Check, Repair and Rebuild. Also added is the ability to export key drive related reports to CSV files.

This new version of Drive Genius is available today for free to all Drive Genius 5 users. View, download, and purchase Drive Genius by clicking here.

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