Creating a Bootable USB or Firewire Drive with Data Rescue 3 for the Mac

Over the past 6 months Prosoft has added “How to’s” for the Data Rescue 3 Support page to assist customers with step by steps instructions with screen shots.

I would like to focus on one of these “How to’s” on creating a bootable USB or Firewire drive using Data Rescue 3 and Apple’s Disk Utility.

Creating a device like this can be very helpful when your in data recovery mode and you don’t have a working optical / DVD drive or you have a MacBook Air or new 2011 Mac mini. You can use just about any drive that can be formatted for a Mac or load a macOS version on it. I have included a “ How to ” link on setting up this handy little recovery tool. You will need the boot DVD image file provided when you purchased Data Rescue 3 from us directly or you can make an image from your physical DVD using Disk Utility.

Typically you will need a 2 GB partition on a storage device. I recommend making 2 partitions on your drive so you have one volume for the boot dvd image and another one for recovered files. For more information on how to create a bootable USB / Firewire drive visit the link below for the complete process and all the steps.

How to “Creating a Data Rescue 3 bootable USB / Firewire drive”.

Data Rescue 3 support page: (Discontinued).

Data Rescue 3 Product page: (Discontinued) Latest version is found on our Data Rescue landing page.