Cracked Data Rescue. Dangerous. Illegal. Is It Worth It?

Uninformed Users of Pirated Software Give Hackers Access to Their Private Files

Image with the message stating that "stolen software may steal your identit".

Have you been looking for either a cracked Data Rescue 4 or a keygen for Data Rescue 4 or Data Rescue PC3? A recent surge of unauthorized copies of Data Rescue has been made available and is capable of all sorts of malicious things.

Installing unauthorized and unprotected pirated software puts your computer and your personal information in jeopardy by making it easy for hackers to access your private files.

What is Cracked Software?

Cracking software is to alter the program in a way that the distributor of the program does not want. These cracked versions of software will circumvent the protection and security techniques that originally came with the paid commercial software and will put the computer which downloaded the software at risk of infection.

Getting Caught is Expensive

Many people believe that downloading pirated material is a harmless and inexpensive option to get what you need. In all reality, it could easily become the most expensive piece of software you’ve ever purchased. If you act on any urge to buy cracked or unauthorized software you’re definitely breaking US copyright laws and that can run you copyright penalties of up to $150,000.

The potential penalties and personal harm by using illegal software really add up. Malware, Identity theft, stolen financial information, and copyright penalties are just a few of the disadvantages of using cracked software.

Is the Cracked Data Rescue Safe for My Computer at Least?

Absolutely not. It is never recommended to download cracked software.

As with any cracked software, using a pirated copy of Data Rescue has a high risk of containing malicious software that can ruin your computer, cause further data loss, or steal your personal information which increases your risk of identity theft. Here is a good article outlining the dangers of running cracked software:

When testing illegitimate copies of Data Rescue on a test system, we saw that many of them contained additional code not present in the official release. This is a strong indication of malicious intent within the cracked software.

Given the widespread popularity of ransomware in cracked applications, your data could be encrypted, rendering it unrecoverable even with a legitimately purchased data recovery software.

How To Get a Legitimate Recovery

When running into any data loss situation, why waste time on an illegal software that will not let you recover your data? With Data Rescue, you can run a free evaluation tool to see if the software will work for you. Once you see that your files can be recovered, you will be offered deep discounts to affordably purchase Data Rescue and safely recover only the files you need. Download the free evaluation tool.

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