This article will describe briefly how to clone a drive with Data Rescue 3 ver 3.2. The purpose of Data Rescue 3‘s cloning function is to copy a drive or volume to another drive or volume, so that the copy may be scanned, reducing the wear-and-tear on the original hard drive. This will free the hard drive from use while preserving the data that was on it for later scanning. Cloning is normally not required in order to scan and recover files with Data Rescue. To use the Clone feature, a spare hard drive is needed with the same or larger capacity than the original hard drive. The Clone feature makes a single pass copy of your hard drive onto another hard drive or into a disk image. Please note the cloned hard drive will be in the same logical state as the original hard drive. This means if the original hard drive is failing to mount or boot, the cloned hard drive will have the same failure to mount or boot. The purpose of the clone is to help overcome any slow reads or possible hardware failures that exist on the original hard drive. Data Rescue 3 demo download link for the Mac: To Clone a hard drive: Select the device level of the hard drive in Step 1. Select the Clone task in Step 2. Select the Clone Target where the hard drive will be cloned to and click on Start Clone. Wait for the clone process to complete. If the clone process hangs up consistently at a certain point you can try reverse cloning the drive instead. Reverse Clone:

Warning: The Clone process will overwrite the contents of the Clone Target. Ensure you have a backup of the contents of the Clone Target hard drive, or use an empty hard drive. Be extremely careful to choose the target so that you don’t write to the wrong drive or volume. When the clone is finished deep scan the cloned drive afterwards. When the deep scan finishes recover from the reconstructed files folders and click the recover button. In some cases the found files may produce useable files if the original directory structure is intact. If you are cloning your internal hard drive and it is the main startup you may have to use the Data Rescue 3 boot DVD, start your Mac from a different startup drive or you can use Target Disk mode using another Mac.