Best Practices for Protecting Your Digital Photos

Protecting Your Digital Photos

Let’s face it, we are all becoming amateur digital photographers. Gone are the days when a family might have one photo album of pictures representing a year or two of their lives. With amazing digital cameras and excellent camera-enabled smartphones, people are taking more and more pictures.

Changes in Photography

The entire digital photography world has changed and advanced significantly over the past decade. The hassle of dealing with delicate film and expensive processing is long gone. The explosion of digital camera use has computer users scrambling to find ways to store and protect the thousands of digital pictures they take. Your digital picture collection is typically the largest percentage of files on your computer, usually taking up the most space on your hard drive. Here are some things to consider whether you are a professional photographer or just someone that enjoys taking pictures.

Backing Up to DVDs vs a USB Flash Drive

In the past, DVDs were a good option to save and archive photos to. DVDs were convenient, lightweight and easy to store. However, DVDs can be finicky to deal with and hard to keep track of. They also scratch easy, which makes them useless as a backup. USB flash drives have become the storage method of choice. USB flash drives are more compact and highly portable, but more importantly, they are compatible with pretty much any device. You can easily share pictures, wherever they are. The sheer convenience of a USB flash drive makes them the storage device of choice, and given this, they have also risen in popularity among professional photographers.

Help for USB Flash Drives

As great as USB flash drives are, they can occasionally become unreadable or corrupted. In this situation it is imperative that you take the right step to recover the digital files and photos on the USB flash drive. The industry leading software for digital picture recovery is Prosoft’s Picture Rescue 2 (Discontinued now redirects to Data Rescue). Picture Rescue 2 digital picture recovery software can recover digital photos and videos from USB flash drives and camera media cards. Picture Rescue 2 software can recover digital pictures after reformatting, deleting from or corruption of your USB flash drive. Picture Rescue 2 is easy to use and gives you a thumbnail preview of each digital picture and video before recovering.

If your USB flash drive has suffered physical damage or failure you will need to seek out a professional hard drive recovery service to get your important digital pictures and videos recovered. The Data Rescue Center specializes in low-cost recovery of USB flash drives.