Backing Up Your Mac to Multiple Hard Drives

I spoke today with one of our longtime Mac users who has been using Data Backup on his Mac Pro to back up his 4 drives. He is a professional photographer and likes to keep his work backed up on his numerous drives which were part of a Drobo set up that has 4 additional volumes which he also uses for his backup. He wanted to change his backups and could not add the changes himself.

I helped him set up a new clone backup for his boot drive so that would perform the backup weekly. This would give him a bootable clone in case of a drive failure or lost of data. He found this backup to be invaluable to his system since it allowed the fastest way to get back up and running should his Mac hard drives fail.

Next, we set up a Simple Copy backup of another drive that contained all his digital pictures to another Drobo volume, using Data Backup to also run weekly. This simple copy covers the one folder that his work is contained in and grows with time as needed. He also liked the fact that in Data Backup you can schedule a backup on directory appearance, meaning whenever a certain drive or Raid mounted onto his desktop, it would start a backup. Data Backup can also keep additional versions (up to 14) of files. It’s these unique features that set Data Backup from the rest of the mac backup software titles out there.