About Us

Prosoft Engineering Inc.

Established in 1985, Prosoft Engineering, Inc. offers best-in-class software paired with exceptional service and support. Bucking the trend to send technical support fulfillment to an overseas 3rd party, Prosoft’s technical support team is proudly based in Prosoft’s home office in California and can be reached for help via phone or email.

Greg Brewer is the founder and CEO of Prosoft. He is a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur that has founded several technology companies over the last few decades. Prosoft is widely known for inventing the first plug-and-play hard drive and CD/DVD drivers for the Macintosh platform,. This technology was subsequently sold to Apple Computer and became part of the ubiquitous iTunes software. Prosoft Engineering shifted focus in 2002 to develop and promote its award-winning Data Rescue software and other software utilities. In 2009, the company expanded by offering data recovery services with the creation of The Data Rescue Center based in Livermore, California. Prosoft and The Data Rescue Center have become recognized as industry-leaders in the field of computer data recovery.

Greg Brewer
Prosoft Engineering Location

Prosoft's Mission

Is to make data recovery solutions for all types of computer users, from the novice home user to the expert IT Professional, in addition to providing the best-in-class US-based support and service.

The Prosoft Advantage

When you make a purchase, you are not just buying a product, you are buying the service and support behind that product.

Award-Winning Products

  • Industry’s top accolades
  • Thousands of customer testimonies and referrals
  • Free version to “try-before-u-buy”

Superior US-Based Technical Support

  • Available via phone or email, Monday – Friday 7:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. PST
  • Based in our California Headquarters.

Great Service

  • We pride ourselves on great customer service

  • Risk Free Guarantee

  • Established in 1985, over 30 years in the business

Prosoft continues to grow!