Terms of Sales

PLEASE NOTE: All sales are final and no refunds are given.

Wow, that sounds pretty harsh, why is that?

It’s important to remember a few things about the products we sell. Most of the time, people buy a product like Data Rescue to recover their drive or deleted files. In many cases this is the only time they need to use the product and therefore for some customers it’s a one-time only type of a use. Of course, you can use Data Rescue on your computer and your drive more than once, but many times customers begin to back up after a major hard drive problem and therefore their need for a drive recovery tool is vastly reduced.

So, what does this mean?

It’s very important for customers to research which products do what task and what their specific needs are.

Try before you buy

The good news is that we offer demo versions of our products for potential users to “try before you buy”. The idea is that you can try the products out to see if they fit your needs or see the files you need to recover.

When a customer makes a purchase online, we email the customer a serial number immediately (along with download links). This serial number can be typed into the demo of the product (to unlock the demo restrictions) or with the downloaded product (which is the same thing).

Given the fact that the serial number is rendered at the time of purchase, there is no way to take the serial number back from a purchased user. It is therefore assumed that when a customer has purchased a serial number from us, he or she is satisfied with the program’s features and functionalities, and therefore no return or refund will be allowed.

If you have not tested our free demos from our website, please do so before you place your order to make sure that the product you are ordering is what you want.

If the demo does not work for you, then the full version will not work either

In the case that the demo is not working for you or you have any questions before you purchase, please contact our technical support.