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Frequently Asked Questions

SoundBunny is a subset of Hear's features. They share the same core audio technology which can cause conflicts when both applications are installed.
Due to the way SoundBunny works within the OS, you cannot simply put the application into the trash and empty it. You must use the Uninstall option to remove it and then restart your Mac. Simply choose the Uninstall menu item from the SoundBunny drop down menu bar. You will be given a few options. Note, you must restart your Mac for the uninstall to complete.
SoundBunny must load at startup and therefore requires a restart upon installation.
One cause might be If you are using USB speakers, SoundBunny does not support USB speakers at this time. This is reflected within the system requirements page.
You can right-click the SoundBunny icon in your dock and select "Options" and then click "Keep in Dock". Alternatively, you can press the control button and click your mouse one time to access the dock options for SoundBunny.