How can I make a BootWell™ of my internal drive?

You will need:

  • USB flash drive*, (3.0 highly recommended for optimal performance).

  • 32GB or larger.

* Please note that the USB flash drive will be completely erased.

Step 1

To make a BootWell™ drive for a Mac, insert the USB flash drive and then open Drive Genius 4. Please keep in mind that the USB flash drive will be completely erased.

Step 2

Select your Startup Drive from the drive-list on the left side. Select BootWell™ from the utilities on the right.

Step 3

Select the correct drive and click “Start”. You will be prompted by a warning that states that the drive will be wiped. Continue by clicking “Create BootWell™ Drive”.

Step 4

Now Drive Genius 4 will start to create the BootWell™ drive. Once it is completed, you can boot the desired Mac with the new BootWell™ you just created.

Step 5

To boot from the BootWell™ Drive you just created, restart your Mac while holding down the ‘Option’ key.

Step 6

Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, select the drive icon name “Drive Genius BootWell” and press the Return key.

NOTE: Once you are booted into the BootWell™, it will finalize and then you will be able to proceed with using the software.