Install and Use as an Application

Data Rescue PC supports the ability to install the software directly onto your computer to recover data.

  • If you have accidentally formatted an external drive for Windows, you can simply download and install the Data Rescue software to your computer as a normal application, with no risk of overwriting any files on the external device.

  • If you have reformatted your internal drive and reinstalled Windows, you can still download and install the software as described above. The small application download itself could potentially overwrite a very small number of your files, however typically this does not affect scan results.

To download Data Rescue PC, visit our Downloads Page and select Data Rescue PC4 (requires Windows 7 or later, for earlier versions of Windows you can use Data Rescue PC 3).

Next, enter your email address and click the Download button. You will be sent an email to the provided address that contains a link to download the Data Rescue application, LiveUSB Creator, and a free file preview version Serial Number. You can copy this serial number so that it can be pasted directly into the software activation window, or if you have already purchased, you can use your full version serial.

After clicking on the download link in your email and running the downloaded file, you will be presented with the following screen:

Prosoft Data Rescue PC4 Install

Press “Next” to continue with the installation. You will then be presented with the software License Agreement. Select “I Agree” to continue with installation.

The setup will ask where you would like to install the software, by default this will be in your Program Files folder.

Click “Browse…” if you would like to change your install location, and press Install. When the installation is finished, you will see the following screen with a checkbox option to launch the software. Keep this checked or, if you’d like to perform your recovery later, you can launch Data Rescue from its install directory you selected above:

Prosoft Data Rescue PC4 Install

Click “Finish” to launch the software.

With the software open, you will again be presented with the software License Agreement. Press “I Agree” to continue to the Registration window shown below, where you can paste your Serial Number:

Prosoft Data Rescue PC4 Install

Press the “Activate” button after entering your serial number to proceed to the main wizard of the software and begin your recovery using the installed version of the application.