How To Use the Bootable USB

If your main computer hard drive was reformatted, has crashed or is no longer starting up normally, you should use the bootable USB version of Data Rescue PC.

This USB will boot up your computer and then allow you to scan your internal boot drive.

Once the scan is done, you can choose which files you want to copy over to a secondary drive.

Using Data Rescue PC in this manner allows you to scan your drive without loading the software onto that drive.

To use the Bootable USB, insert the USB and reboot your computer. When your computer first starts, you will normally see a brief splash screen from your computer’s motherboard or BIOS manufacturer. This screen usually provide a key that can be pressed to access the Boot Menu of your BIOS. Common keys include DEL, ALT, F10, F11, F12, and ENTER.

Press the indicated Boot Menu key, and your computer will allow you to select the USB as your startup drive.

Data Rescue PC will automatically run from the bootable USB and then guide you through the file recovery process.