How To Clone

The clone utility is recommended when you have a drive that has begun to electronically or mechanically fail and is losing increasing amounts of data with every read/write access. Cloning makes a rapid, single end-to-end read pass on the drive and copies the data to an additional drive of the same or greater capacity.

The cloning process greatly minimizes the risk of additional data loss. Cloning makes an exact copy of the drive, copying any good, corrupt, and erased files and directories as-is. The clone process does not perform any data recovery processes on your damaged drive.

Once the clone is created, you can disconnect your damaged drive, set it aside, and then begin the data recovery process on the freshly copied hard drive.

Please note that performing a drive-to-drive clone using Data Rescue PC will overwrite all data on the Destination drive you select. Use an empty drive or backup a destination drive’s contents before cloning to avoid further data loss.

To start the Clone process, open Data Rescue PC or go to the Wizard (File → Wizard or CTRL+W) if you are not on the default screen. Your wizard should look similar to this:

Data Rescue PC4 Clone

In the above example, you can see that the computer has two 32GB USB drives displayed. The first is listed as ‘General USB Flash Disk’ (Drive 1), and the second is listed as ‘IS917’ (Drive 2). We will be cloning the failing IS917 USB drive marked in red above to the healthy General USB Flash Disk.

Select the drive you would like to clone as your Source Drive, and press the ‘Clone’ button in the lower left.

You will be taken to a screen similar to the following to select a Destination drive for your Clone:

Data Rescue PC4 Clone Steps

In the above example, we are selecting the General USB Flash Disk, a 32GB USB drive, as our Destination drive. This is a valid Destination because the drive is the same capacity or larger than the Source.

Select the Destination for your clone, and press the ‘ Next’ button in the lower right.

You will now see a screen similar to the one below:

Data Rescue PC4 Clone Steps

In the above example, we can see that we have selected the correct Drive 2 as our Source, and Drive 1 as our Destination.

Confirm that the Source and Destination drive you have selected are the correct drives, and press the ‘Start’ button.

You will receive a warning that the Clone operation will destroy all data on your Destination drive. Press the ‘Yes’ button to confirm, and your clone procedure will begin.