How To Save or Load a Scan

Data Rescue PC allows you to save the results of scan so that they can be accessed at a later time with the same source drive connected. This is useful if you do not have enough time to complete your recovery in a single sitting, or would like to recover a portion of files to a device and possibly recover more at a later time (possibly due to drive size limitations). It is alse beneficial because a recovery could be manually interrupted or stopped by something like a power surge, and a saved scan would allow you to recover partially complete or not yet recovered files. In all cases, we recommend saving your scan after it has completed.

NOTE: It is still possible to overwrite data on the drive that you scanned after your scan file has been saved, so we do not recommend going back and using the computer until you have fully recovered all the files you were looking for.

Saving a Scan

Once a scan has been completed, you will automatically be prompted to save your scan to a file:

Data Rescue PC4 Saving Scan

Press “Yes” to open the Window below, which will allow you to select a location to save the Scan.bin file. In this example, the scan result list is being saved to the Desktop:

Data Rescue PC4 Saving Scan

After selecting a location to save your Scan.bin file, press “Save” to continue to the scan results screen.

Loading a Scan

To load a scan, open up the Data Rescue PC software, or if it is already open, you can access the main window by going to File → Wizard.

Select the same source drive you selected when running your initial scan, and press the ‘Scan’ button to be taken to the following screen, which will show the Source drive you have selected:

Data Rescue PC4 Loading Scan

Press the ‘Load Scan Results’ button, and navigate to wherever you chose to save your Data Rescue PC scan.bin file.

Select the file, and press the ‘Open’ button to select that set of scan results.

Press the ‘Start’ button to load the selected scan results.