Create a Bootable USB

Data Rescue PC 4 supports the ability to boot from a USB device and attempt data recovery in situations where a computer no longer has a valid operating system or otherwise fails to power on normally.

Please note that creating a bootable USB will erase all files on the USB drive you use.

Bootable USB Requirements:

  • High-Speed USB 3.0 Drive that is 32GB or larger

  • LiveUSB Creator Tool

  • Windows 7, 8, 10 or later

  • PC with a BIOS that supports USB booting

  • Data Rescue PC 4 zip file (optional)

Creation Steps:

Download the LiveUSB Creator Tool, available in your download email or directy, here:

Launch the downloaded application, and you will see a window similar to the one below:

Prosoft LiveUSB Creator Tool

By default, the selected program for the LiveUSB Creator Tool will be Data Rescue PC.

If you have already connected your USB drive, you may see it listed in the ‘Select Drive’ dropdown box selection by default. If you do not see your device listed, please read the Advanced Options section below for additional information.

In this example, we are using one of the Data Rescue optional USB drives available when purchasing the software, as it meets the High Speed USB 3.0 and 32GB requirements. In the image above, this USB has been assigned the drive letter F.

Press the ‘Create’ button to start creating a bootable USB for Data Rescue PC. You will receive the following notification confirming that you would like to write the Data Rescue PC software onto the USB:

Prosoft LiveUSB Creator Tool Selection

Press ‘Yes’ to continue. The LiveUSB Creator Tool will automatically download Data Rescue PC 4 from Prosoft Engineering and configure the bootable USB.

Once the software has been downloaded and installed to the USB, the software will notify you that the install has completed. Press ‘Close’ to exit the LiveUSB Creator Tool.

Your Bootable USB for Data Rescue PC is now ready to be used! For assistance using the bootable USB, see the corresponding How-To Guide:

Advanced Options

Clicking the ‘Show Advanced Options’ button will expand the software window with additional options as shown below:

Prosoft LiveUSB Creator Tool Advanced

The ‘Select Program (local file)’ button can be pressed to browse your computer for the optional Data Rescue PC 4 zip file. This file is also included in your download email or directly from our website. This will allow you to create the bootable USB from a downloaded package rather than allowing LiveUSB Creator to download the software directly.

If you did not see your device listed as an available drive to select, it could be due to an existing configuration on the USB. The ‘Show All Drives’ checkbox will allow the ‘Select Drive’ dropdown box to access all drives connected to your computer. This includes your internal hard drives (Commonly your C or D drives), so check the drive letter to make sure you select the correct device.

The ‘Format Drive as FAT32’ checkbox should be checked if you have attempted to create a bootable USB drive previously and the installation failed.