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Data Rescue PC3 Support

Frequently Asked Questions

After you have successfully cloned your drive you will want to run a deep scan so you can recover your data. Since you cloned the drive the scan time should be shorter and the chance of success is higher with a healthy drive.
Bad blocks/slow reads are indicative of physical damage on a failing hard drive. For the best recovery results we recommend cloning the drive. Cloning the drive will copy the raw data of your problem drive over to a new healthy drive. When you run a scan on the cloned drive you will not have to worry about the physical problems of the problem drive and should successfully be able to scan and recover your data.
Data Rescue PC End User is intended to be used on one machine, for personal use only. Data Rescue PC IT is an unlimited use license and can be used in multiple machines, we recommend this for consultants, businesses, and universities.
Data cannot be recovered to the drive your scanning because we do not want to risk any further damage to your drive by writing to it. Furthermore, the data being recovered will over-write the data that still needs to be recovered. Doing this can cause corruption to the file system making your data permanently unrecoverable.
Yes, if they were recently lost and the data has not been damaged or overwritten.
Please double check what you downloaded. More than likely you downloaded Data Rescue PC IT instead of Data Rescue PC End User (EU). Go back to our website and download Data Rescue PC End User (EU).
Yes we do. The trial version of Data Rescue PC will scan your drive. At the end of the scan, all of the files Data Rescue PC found will be displayed to you along with the condition of each file. Based on this, you can decide whether or not to purchase the software.
A distorted file could be caused by data corruption, data overwritten by other data, viruses, etc.
Data Rescue PC can recover a deleted file if you deleted the file and the data has not been damaged or overwritten with other data.
All PC computers have BIOS, which provides basic input and output instruction for the system's hardware. The computer's BIOS must be set to boot from the CD Drive so that Data Rescue PC can communicate with the computer hardware.
If the full capacity of the RAID appears on the list of drives to be scanned, it will be able to work with your current setup. However, if it only shows a size 8 GB or lower, it will not be able to scan and/or recover from it correctly. We do have a demo available for download from our website It will allow you to do a scan and see the results with their corresponding ratings.
No, the Data Rescue PC Format option does not support RAID drives.