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Data Rescue ONE Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Data Rescue ONE is an all in one recovery solution that focuses on ease of use. When using Data Rescue ONE you can boot your computer from the ONE drive then press start, all of the Data that is found will be recovered to the ONE drive. Data Rescue ONE offers a few different price options, which change the amount of data that can be recovered by the device. Customers get the option of either Data Rescue ONE 16gb, which comes on a 16gb flash drive and allows you to recover up to 12GB of data, Data Rescue ONE 500GB which comes on a 500gb drive and allows you to recover 500gb of data, Data Rescue ONE 1TB which comes on a 1tb drive and allows you to recover 1tb of data, or Data Rescue ONE 1TB Professional which comes on a 1tb drive and has no recovery limit. If for example you purchase Data Rescue ONE 500gb and after doing your recovery you find you need additional recovery space you can increase your recovery limit using PaperByte to get a serial number that will increase your recovery limit. PaperByte is a feature that allows you to increase the amount of recovery space you have within any version of either DR ONE or Data Rescue 4. Like the new version of Data Rescue, PaperByte allows flexible payment options to fit your recovery needs. You can either purchase an additional 250gb, 500gb, or 1tb to increase your recovery allowance to whatever you need. Data Rescue 4 is the recovery software itself. You can either install Data Rescue 4 like any other software and run scans onto external drives, or you can create a bootwell within the software to boot either failing computers or to gain root access to the internal drive. Data Rescue 4 offers a Free version of the software that you can use to see if your files are recoverable. While in the Free version you can run a full scan, visualize the scan results as well as preview all of the files, then you can recover up to 2gb worth of data. If the free version is not able to find your files then the purchased version will have no different results. If the Free version is able to find your files you can either purchase DR Lite for $49.00 which offers a 250gb recovery limit, DR Standard for $99.00 which allows you to recover from 5 independent hard drives regardless of the size, or the DR Pro for $299.00 which allows for an unlimited amount of recovery from unlimited drives. If after making your purchase you determine you need additional recovery space that is when you can take advantage of PaperByte.
Data Rescue ONE can still work with computers that are no longer booting, as long as the software is able to access the files in your recovery partition to create its boot environment Data Rescue ONE will be able to boot the machine.
No, as Data Rescue ONE is an all-in-one solution, the hardware in the form of our special Data Rescue ONE hard drive works as both the device you will be running the software from as well as the drive for recovering your files to. The only time an external drive may be used is as a clone target in extreme cases of severely damaged/failing drives.
A Data Recovery Appliance is a dedicated device which incorporates both hardware and software for the purpose of recovering data/files from a hard drive. Prosoft Engineering offers a device that would otherwise be a software-only solution in the form of a dedicated appliance. This appliance, while physical, incorporates both hardware and software work seamlessly together to recover files and data from a hard drive.
There are many variables that come into play when recovering the data, but usually the entire data recovery process will take about 8 hours+ depending on both the amount of data that can be recovered and if the drive you’re recovering from has any physical issues.
When using our Data Rescue ONE drive, you must connect it to either a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port.