How To Set Up Text & Email Notifications

One of the new features in Data Backup 4 is the ability to set up text/email notifications to alert you when your backup is complete. Setting up these notifications is simple and can be done in several steps.

Step 1
First, with the application open, click on the Data Backup drop-down at the top of your screen.

Menu screenshot

Step 2
Click on “Preferences.”

Preferences screenshot

Step 3
Select “Email Notifications”

Email Notifications tab screenshot

Step 4
Click on “Send Email Notifications”

Send Email Notifications screenshot

Step 5
You can now enter your email address in the “Send To” box. You may also enter a phone number in the “SMS Phone Number” box.

Phone Number and SMS fields screenshot

Step 6
Select your cell phone carrier from the drop down. Please note that texting charges may apply when using text notifications.

Cell phone carrier screenshot

Step 7
Customize your settings to fit your needs.

Settings screenshot

Step 8
Click “Apply.”

Apply screenshot