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Data Backup 3 Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Data Backup 3 is a much faster and efficient option, especially when it comes to updating the clone.
For data that you are looking to store and archive for long periods of time (photos, videos, financial records, etc.) it doesn’t make sense to keep this on a hard drive and store it somewhere or pay the monthly cost to store it in the cloud. A much more reliable and cost-effective approach would be to backup these types of files to inexpensive CDs/DVDs and store them in a safe or even a safety deposit box for long-term storage. Data Back will span the files across multiple CDs/DVDs with ease. In addition, they can be opened on any computer and won’t need special backup software the access the files.
Make sure the clone backup was done directly to your destination drive or partition on the drive, the Clone backup cannot be done to a folder. Also, if you are using an Intel based Mac make sure that your destination drive is formatted GUID. You can do this through Apple's Disk Utility.
Under Destination Options, make sure you have "Missing Items" set to Leave or Delete and Not "Move to Trash".
No, Data Backup 3.1 will not prompt you for your registration information. If you are upgrading from Data Backup 2.x to 3.1, you will need to purchase an upgrade license.
You will need to download the 3.1.7 update from our website and after the file finishes downloading, the installer will open on your desktop. Then you'll need to double-click on the Data Backup box in the Install window and follow the onscreen prompts to update your copy of Data Backup 3 to 3.1.7
No. Data Backup 3.1 will use the backup sets from 3.0.x and also your schedules and preferences.
Yes, all mountable network volume types are supported, however, if you are backing up to a file server that does not support permissions (such as AFP volumes), all resultant files in your backup will be "owned" by the user who mounted the volume at the time of the backup.
Data Backup only splits files across CD's or DVD's. You have the ability to select either drives or folder to be backed up, select folders that will fit on your destination volume for best results.
Yes, the current version of Data Backup v3.0.4, is compatible with Leopard. You may download from the Downloads section on our website.
Files are encrypted AES-128 (Advanced Encryption Standard, aka Rijndael). This is the latest encryption standard approved by the U.S. Government. RSA public/private key encryption is used to encrypt passwords.
You should look in both of the two following locations on the backup drive for the appropriate PLIST file for your application, and then copy it back to the same location on your primary hard drive as it was found residing in on your backup drive: /Users/[Home]/Library/Preferences and /Library/Preferences