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Frequently Asked Questions

CleanExit is not an application that can be installed onto your system. CleanExit comes as an ISO image that needs to be burned to a CD or DvD in order to run. Once the iso image is burned to the CD it will be able to boot any Mac or PC that is intel based, as well as most linux systems in order to wipe the internal drive.
CleanExit will only wipe the single primary internal drive and will not work if you have more than 1 drive connected. CleanExit Plus will wipe every connected drive from the system. Both CleanExit and CleanExit Plus will perform a single pass wipe overwriting all preexisting data with "CLEANEXIT". Drive Genius 4’s Secure Erase utility has more versatile functionality. While not being able to full wipe the Boot drive you still have control over a lot of different things. You can pick and decide which drive is wiped and with what pattern. Secure Erase offers the following patterns: 1 Pass (Zeros), 1 Pass (Random), 3 Pass (Random), 7 Pass (DoD), and 35 Pass (Gutmann). Drive Genius 4’s Secure Erase also provides the option to securely erase individual files or folders by right-clicking(control-clicking) on them. In case you have deleted a file regularly, Secure Erase can also permanently erase the free space on your drives so temporary file data and old file data that was not securely erased cannot be retrieved.
Disk Utility will also wipe a hard drive, however it requires you to know how to use target disk mode and also have the cables to do so. Disk Utility will not be able to wipe the entire physical drive of your boot drive; it will only allow you to erase the volumes that you are booted into. Disk Utility doesn’t operate on more than one drive at a time. CleanExitPlus can wipe multiple drives and works on a Mac or PC.
CleanExitPlus is needed to wipe Fusion Drives. A fusion drive is a software raid joining two drives within the Mac. CleanExitPlus sees the fusion drive as two separate drives and will securely wipe both of them. This will cause the fusion drive to break and will not long function as a fusion drive. You will need to manually recreate this fusion drive within disk utility and this is something that we cannot support.
If you ever try to restart a drive that has been wiped with CleanExit you will be greeted with an onscreen message informing you that the drive has in fact been fully erased by CleanExit.
CleanExit is run from a CD and only from a CD, you can either purchase a CD through our website or you can burn your own CD using the .iso image that is supplied in the digital download. This same CD will be able to boot Intel based Mac, PC and Linux machines however CleanExit does not require their to be an operating system installed.
If you were to look at the data on your drive through the scope of a Hex Viewer, you would see only numbers and characters (as this is what it looks like when data is written on the drive). CleanExit writes a text pattern across all areas of the drive; by default "CLEANEXIT" will be written to every single available space on your drive. If you were to simply delete everything on your drive, the data would still be present just the drive would not know where the data is sitting, that is how data recovery software’s are able to recover your data after a deletion, because the data is still present. With CleanExit, all your data will be overwritten so that the deleted data cannot be accessed. If you were to attempt a data recovery on a drive after running CleanExit none of the data would be recoverable.
Some slower drives may take a while to become available to CleanExit. Press Stop until the button changes to Restart Initialization. Press Restart Initialization to force CleanExit to search again for connected drives. If your drive still does not show, it may be physically failing, or connected through an unsupported interface.
If you use CleanExit to wipe your hard drives, you will not be able to retrieve the data you just wiped. The software is specifically designed to secure erase all data that exists on the drive. You always want to make sure you are wiping the correct machines/drives.
CleanExit will only wipe the one internal drive. CleanExitPlus will allow you to wipe more than one drive. It will recognize all internal and external drives that are attached.
CleanExit writes a "CLEANEXIT" pattern to the hard drive. This will overwrite any pre-existing data on the drive making the data unrecoverable.
CleanExit was designed to be used to securely wipe out the internal drive of your computer to wipe out all the data on the drive, and make the data unrecoverable. The intended use of CleanExit is to make all prior user data irretrievable (on your internal hard drive) when you are looking to sell your current laptop or computer, or if you are about to loan/donate the computer to someone you don’t want to have access to your data. If you are looking for an easy and fast way to securely erase the data on your internal drive, CleanExit is for you.