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Drive Genius offers a suite of tools designed to Speed Up, Clean Up and Protect your Mac

With so many important files being stored on one hard drive it’s important that you take the right steps to make sure that your Mac is optimized and running at its peak performance. Get faster performance from your Mac with Drive Genius 4. The award-winning DrivePulse feature alerts you to hard drive issues including defragmentation before they become major problems. Features like Defrag and DriveSlim will help keep your Mac running fast. BootWell lets you create a bootable secondary drive to Defrag your main hard drive.

Why is my Mac running slow?

The primary reason your Mac may be slow is usually because the hard drive is in need of being defragmented. When files are written to the drive, the system will search for empty space on the drive to write data to. If the found space is too small to fit all of the file’s data, it will write part of the data to one area and the remaining data to other areas of the hard drive. This way no disk space is wasted.

The more writing and deleting that is done to the drive, the more fragmented the drive will become. This process will gradually have an impact on the drive’s performance.

How can I see what fragmentation looks like?

Drive Fragmentation will display a graphical representation for a quick overview of how data is ordered on the drive and how fragmented the drive is. Four different colors are displayed to indicate the data usage. Red portions represent fragmented data. White portions represent free space. Green portions represent data that is not fragmented. Yellow portions represent reserved data required by OS X that cannot be defragmented.

Speed Up Mac using Drive Genius 4

Drive Genius 4 addresses both free space and data fragmentation on a hard drive. The Defrag feature in Drive Genius 4 reorganizes the fragmented pieces of all files, no matter what their size or fragmentation level, and compacts their content into one contiguous block for optimal access times.

In addition, Drive Genius reorganizes the files themselves so they exist in one contiguous block. By compacting the files, the free space is returned to one large block for macOS to write new files without data fragmentation.

Defragmenting your drives will lead to faster boot time, faster application launch, and faster access to your large media files, databases, and virtual machine images. These improvements will speed up Mac computers!

Using BootWell to Speed Up Mac

With the release of OS X Mavericks, Apple made a change in their operating system to no longer allows 3rd party software to un-mount the main internal boot drive while you are booted into it. This prevents the use of certain utilities such as Defragment while you are booted into the drive.

Creating and using a BootWell allows our users to boot into a strictly Drive Genius 4 environment without the need to create a full secondary startup disk. Using a BootWell allows the user to run utilities such as Defragment with minimal effort, allowing them to speed up Mac computer hard drives.

Free Version of Drive Genius 4

In the free version, Drive Genius 4 will allow viewing of utility results such as viewing the fragmentation level of a drive. This will allow you to determine whether defragmenting will be the solution speed up your Mac. You can also use DrivePulse monitoring free for 30 days.

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