What’s New!
Full Catalina Support (10.15)
APFS Support, Now create a Recovery Drive for macOS 10.15 (USB 3.0 Flash Drive with at least 32GB), Dark Mode, and Multiple user interface enhancements
Release Notes


Unlimited system activation | Unlimited drive recovery | Annual Subscription
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Preview Your Recoverable Files with the Free Demo

DR6 Pro Dark Mode.png

We encourage our users to try the demo version of Data Rescue: This will allow you to run a full scan as you would the paid version and preview your recoverable files.

Pictured Left: Now Available in Dark Mode for Mac


Improved RAID Recovery

Unlimited Drive Recoveries

Secure Erase Drives

Professional User Interface

Software Features

Mac and Windows Cross-Compatibility
Install on both operating systems with the same license

Improved RAID Recovery
Automatically determine a set of RAID configurations

View Raw Drive and File Data
View files from your scan prior to recovering them in our hex viewer

Fast Scan and Recovery Speeds
Reduce the time to run a scan and transfer your recoverable files

Additional Standalone Tools
Secure erase your files with security or easily identify your drive order with Number Sector

Recoverable Devices

  • Mac Desktops / Laptops

  • PC Desktops / Laptops

  • Hard Disk Drives

  • External Drives

  • Solid State Drives

  • SD Cards

  • CF Cards

  • Thunderbolt Drives

  • FireWire Drives

  • RAIDs