Prosoft Engineering Announces Drive Genius 5!

Prosoft Engineering Inc. announced today the release of the new Drive Genius 5. The Mac Utility Software optimizes and automates your hard drive maintenance. Known throughout the industry as one of the most prolific Mac software developers, Prosoft Engineering has reinvented their award-winning drive utility to include the new Malware Scan and APFS compatibility.

“We are incredibly happy with the results and progress of Drive Genius,” said Prosoft CEO Greg Brewer, “I think it’ll become the total package for Mac computers.”

What’s new in Drive Genius?

  • New Malware Scan tool that allows you to scan drives for malware.
  • Drive Pulse performs "Live" malware scans of well-known download folders automatically.
  • Support for the new Apple File System (APFS).
  • Improved support for 10.12.x BootWell drive creation.

Prosoft Engineering is the company behind some of the most well known Mac softwares in the world. The products they have created have been awarded highly, and include software such as Data Rescue, Data Backup, Media Tools, and others.

To learn more about the new Drive Genius software, or other products and opportunities, please visit Prosoft Engineering online at