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Drive Genius 5

The Ultimate Mac Utility Software

Clean Up, Speed Up, and Protect Your Mac Hard Drive.

Drive Genius is a collection of utilities that maintains and protects the important data on your computer automatically.

Coming from a company that specializes in data recovery, Drive Genius was designed to prevent hard drive failure and keep you safe from Malware.

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(macOS 10.10 - 10.12)


  • Malware Protection - Scans files for malicious intent and downloads updates automatically.

Drive Genius has been at Apple's Genius Bar to help customers for over 7 years now.


  • DrivePulse© - This automated utility monitors your hard drive for errors and malware.
  • Defragment - Optimize your drive for maximum performance.
  • Clone - Create an exact copy of your drive.
  • Repartition - Manage the partitions on your hard drive.
  • Secure Erase - Overwrite all data using one of five secure patterns designed to make data recovery nearly impossible.

And many more including: Icon Genius, Bootwell, Repair, Rebuild, Physical and Consistency Check.