Hard Drive Recycle


Who is Hard Drive Recycle?

HardDriveRecycle was founded by The Data Rescue Center, a leading computer recovery service based in Livermore, California.

HardDriveRecycle sources and recycles hard drives to later be used as donor parts for hard drive recoveries performed by The Data Rescue Center. This active recycling allows The Data Rescue Center to bring recovery costs down, which helps offer world-class computer recovery service at lower costs.

By using the donor parts in this manner, the drives are not melted down for bare metals (which is typically what happens with e-waste recycling), which in itself can be bad for the environment. HardDriveRecycle and The Data Rescue Center are proud to offer this free, environmentally-sensitive and secure service to the community.

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Recycling Program Benefits

The secure deletion of your personal data is the number one priority of our recycling program.

  • Send your drive to us at 1599 Greenville Road, Livermore, CA 94550.
  • We’ll electronically shred the drive, removing all your personal data from it.
  • Once the drive has been securely wiped, it will become a “donor drive” for The Data Rescue Center.


Upon donating your drive, it will be electronically shredded using Department of Defense specs.

  • This ensures that your personal data is removed completely from the hard drive that you are donating.


By donating your computer’s hard drive you are ensuring fulfillment of the following important issues:

  • No one will be able to scour your hard drive for ANY of your personal pictures, financial files or other sensitive data.
  • No one will have access to your software serial numbers, which means no one will be able to use your licensed software illegally.
  • Your hard drive’s parts will be used as “DONOR PARTS” for our recovery lab, helping to keep costs down for our customers by providing recyclable electronic components that make up your hard drive.


We’re here to help you with any questions.

  • Email us with any of your data related enquiries, or come on by our office if you’re local to us here in Livermore, California.