Hard Drive Recovery

Yes, It's Possible to Recover Your Files...

Are you asking yourself where did my files go? Or why is my hard drive malfunctioning? If so, you are at the right place. Prosoft Engineering and The Data Rescue Center work together to recover your data in any scenario. Read on for more information on ways to get your files back through hard drive recovery.

The good news is that lost data is possible to recover. But every data loss scenario is different. First things first, if you are faced with any type of data loss scenario, it is very important that you power down your computer. This will prevent any additional damage to your drive while you determine the extent and solution of the problem.

Furthermore, do not re-format or partition your drive if you are experiencing errors. Re-formatting a crashed drive can overwrite important information, making it unrecoverable. Recovery software cannot find files that have been overwritten.

Power Down

Your Drive Safely

To prevent additional damage to your drive,
power it down and unplug it.

A Hard Drive Recovery Can Happen
Two Different Ways

Hard drive crashes can be categorized into two types, logical or physical. Logical hard drive failures come from deleted files, corrupted file structures, or any other type of logical error in the operating system.

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Logical data loss happens more often than physical data loss, and is typically easier to recover from. Prosoft Engineering sells the same amount of Data Rescue software (which recovers logical data loss) in one day, as the Data Rescue Center fixes over an entire month.

Physical hard drive failure comes from internal components of the hard drive malfunctioning. This is much more serious because of the sensitive mechanics in a hard drive. Physical failure can deteriorate the condition of the hard drive platter much faster. If you suspect a physical failure, make sure to power off your hard drive and call The Data Rescue Center.

Logical Data Loss

What is Logical Data Loss?

Logical data loss results from errors in the logic of the hard drive, or from a user mistake. Nearly every computer user has experienced some form of logical data loss.

Accidental or intentional file deletion, operating system failures, and file corruptions are types of logical data loss. Using Data Recovery software such as Data Rescue can help find the missing files for you.


  • Lost or misplaced files
  • Unbootable system
  • Unmountable Hard Drive
  • Incomplete or error-ridden files or folder


  • Malware and viruses corrupt system file structure
  • Improper shutdown of the computer by user
  • Improper computer shutdown due to power failure
  • Removing storage media in use

“Data Rescue set itself apart in our testing as the best data recovery software for logical data loss.”
- Top Ten Reviews for Data Recovery Software

Hard Drive Recovery
For Logical Drive Issues

Finding a Solution

Once you have identified the problem as a logical data loss scenario, you can begin looking for data recovery software. Data Rescue starts by scanning your entire hard drive for known file types. Data Rescue even has file learning capability with FileIQ. File IQ is a powerful feature which enables Data Rescue to learn new file types. If the search finds a significant hardware problem, the software will alert you to call The Data Rescue Center.

Data Recovery Software

Data Rescue searches through the used and empty space in your hard drive looking for detectable file patterns. Data Rescue first scans the hard drive completely, then attempts recovery. To run the scan on an internal drive, Data Rescue requires you to boot up from another device. If you are recovering from your boot drive, this avoids altering the drive you are scanning.

How Does Data Recovery Software Work?

When you delete files, the pathway to the file gets deleted, not the original file itself. Data Rescue finds the known data patterns of your files and restructures the still existing file into a salvageable format. If parts of the data has been overwritten already, the chances of usable information drops dramatically.

How Much Does Data Recovery Software Cost?

For the standard option, Data Rescue costs $99 dollars. For additional storage, you pay $15 for a 32GB USB 3.0 drive.

The professional license is an annual subscription which includes unlimited recoveries, for $299.

Data Rescue Logo Data Rescue Logo

What’s Recoverable?

Data Rescue can find a host of file types when performing a Scan. For documents these include; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF. For video and images, PEG, PNG, RAW, and QuickTime, AVI, WMV. And many more.

Physical Data Loss

What is Physical Data Loss?

Physical Data Loss refers to a case where the drive fails because of a physical hardware problem. This happens because of symptoms from age and wear, effects of dust, heat and power outages, and faulty internal components.

Learn More About Finding a Solution

The Sounds of Failure

Grinding Hard Drive
Clicking Hard Drive

Listen here for different types of symptomatic physical failure sounds.


  • Degraded or Bad Blocks
  • Read/Write Head Failure (degraded, damaged, mangled, stuck)
  • Spindle Failure (degraded, damaged, seized)
  • Printed Circuit Board Damage (shorted, corrupted components)
  • Failed/Shorted External Enclosure Adapter


  • Long-term regular use
  • Manufacturing defect
  • Drive was physically damaged (dropped or bumped)
  • Power surge
  • Liquid damage to drive
  • Improper use of power supply

Hard Drive Recovery
For Physical Drive Issues

Finding a Solution

If you hear or notice symptoms of a hard drive failure, make sure to power off your hard drive and seek immediate attention for your hard drive. If you have found this page, you are doing good. The next step is to send your hard drive in for a free no-risk evaluation from The Data Rescue Center. Once the hard drive is received, our technicians analyze the drive for corruptions or failures to see if data is recoverable.

What is the Hard Drive Recovery Process?

The Data Rescue Center is fully capable to deal with failed hard drives. First we attempt to clone the failed drive to preserve as much data as possible. Next, the technicians either repair the original drive to get it into enough of a stable position to clone. If that isn’t possible, they try to reorganize the raw data into recoverable files. Then the recoverable files are sent to you.

What's Recoverable?

All file types are supported. But every data recovery will be different. For documents these include; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF. For video and images, PEG, PNG, RAW, and QuickTime, AVI, WMV. And many more.

How Much Does a Hard Drive Recovery Service Cost?

In order to properly assess the cost of a hard drive recovery, we will need to see the drive within our cleanroom laboratory to see the severity of the damage. Generally speaking a single hard drive recovery costs between $500 - $1,500 dollars.

"We are the most affordable and professional data rescue service on the market."

The Data Rescue Center Advantage

The Data Rescue Center, part of Prosoft Engineering, is located in Silicon Valley, California. In 2009, our founder Greg Brewer built the state-of-the-art data recovery facility. He wanted to help customers experiencing physical failure. The facility has a UL Listed Class 2 Vault and Class 100 Cleanroom, making it the most secure and professional facility in the country.

Free In-Bound Shipping

Once you contact us, we will provide you with a free UPS shipping label as well as shipping instructions so you can safely send your drive to us. We provide free shipping for the continental U.S. only.

Free No-Risk Evaluation

You will be provided with a full detailed diagnosis of your hard drive(s) as well as a fixed price quote, which includes a full breakdown of the data recovery service cost.

No Data, No-Charge Policy

After the data recovery service is complete, you’ll have the opportunity to verify the recovered files with a customer service representative to make sure you get the data you need before you pay.

Knowledgeable & Friendly

Our US-based customer service team is very well versed in the data recovery process and will be happy to explain any and all questions you may have.

In-house Software Developers

We are one of the only recovery facilities with software developers, recovery technicians, and support staff, all working side by side to provide you with the best data recovery service and experience.

Hard Drive Recovery
for Every Situation

If you have a failed hard drive, call our professional and knowledgeable support staff for free advice and an appraisal. Prosoft Engineering and The Data Rescue Center is happy to assist you in your data loss scenario.

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