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Flash Drive Recovery

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The Data Rescue Center recovers data from all removable media, including flash drives from all manufacturers.

Flash Drive Manufacturers

If you're not seeing your device manufacturer here, contact our customer service line at: 877-501-4949, Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM PST

As with hard drives, stop using the flash drive immediately to avoid potentially overwriting the data. Data loss occurs when a file is accidentally deleted, or the flash drive is formatted. Also, improperly removing the drive without ejecting can cause corruption on the drive which will leave you unable to access any of your data. There are different signs you may experience in the time of data loss. If the flash drive is recognized by the computer, recovery with Prosoft Engineering’s Data Recovery Software may be possible.

In Emergency situations we offer a Rush and Emergency Diagnosis options for an additional fee. The Rush Diagnosis will be performed same day as the day we receive the drive, while the Emergency Diagnosis will be within two hours of our technicians receiving the drive.

Flash Drive

USB and Flash Data Recovery

USB flash drive’s ease of use and ability to be quickly erased and rewritten has made them one of the most popular data storage devices. Flash drives do not use much power and also do not have any moving parts like a normal hard drive. While convenient, the ability to rewrite quickly increases the possibility of data loss, in which case you are in need of Flash Drive Recovery.

Common issues with USB Flash drives that require our Professional Flash Drive Recovery Services:

  • Deleted or Reformatted - Accidentally selecting the wrong drive or file when reformatting or deleting data.
  • Physical Damage - Flash drives protrude/stick out of the device they are plugged into, this makes them very vulnerable to snapping if your device is dropped or hit.
  • Data Corruption - Static and sudden power surges/loss can corrupt the data or firmware that operates the flash drive. (Failure to safely eject the flash drive)
  • Liquid & Fire Damage - Excessive heat, or accidentally submerging your flash drive in water will damage the internal components of the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

I broke/lost the USB connector of my flash drive do you need it?

If the USB connector of your flash drive broke or snapped off we do not need it to complete the recovery. We have alternative methods of accessing your data.

Why does my flash drive show the wrong drive size? (ie: 32mb for a 64GB card.)

A flash drive or camera card displaying the wrong drive size is typically the result of firmware corruption within the controller chip. This is caused by improper drive ejection, a power-spike, or sudden power-loss.

Why is a flash recovery so complex?

Flash devices are typically made up of 2 main components: The NAND chips which store data, and the Device controller which reads and writes data to the NAND chips in a unique way per manufacturer and even device. Depending on the number of NAND chips used this operation can become very complex and is similar to realigning the data of a multi-drive RAID.

I unplugged my flash drive without ejecting it and now it does not show up. Can you recover the data?

Yes, prematurely ejecting a flash drive or camera card, or experiencing a power outage can both cause firmware corruption or shorted components within the device. This is typically the cause of a flash drive/camera card no longer being recognized by a system.

For any additional questions please contact us directly at 877-501-4949 Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM PST or via email.

Why Choose The Data Rescue Center

Data Recovery Lab

As with any data recovery situation, stop using the device to avoid potentially overwriting the needed data. Data loss can occur when files are accidentally deleted, moved to the trash or the device is formatted. Improperly removing the drive from a computer reader without ejecting can also cause corruption on the device, leaving you unable to access your data properly.

Flash Drive Recovery

The Data Rescue Center, along with our parent company, Prosoft Engineering, is committed to bringing you the best service available, no matter what data media you have. Prosoft, one of the leading data recovery experts and software developers in the world, helps provide the knowledge and resources to get the job done.