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Exclusive Appreciation Offer

We would like to thank you for choosing Data Rescue as your file recovery tool and making Prosoft Engineering, Inc. your go-to location when your Mac needs help.

To show our appreciation, we would like to offer you three exclusive deals to complete your Mac protection package.

These limited offers won't last long, so redeem today!

Drive Genius 5

The Ultimate Mac Protection Software

Malware Protection - Scans your files from malicious malware viruses.

DrivePulse - This automated utility monitors your drive for physical/logical errors and malware.



$99 MSRP

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Drive Genius 5 +
Data Backup

The complete protection from data loss!

Automatically monitor the health of your Mac and always have a current backup.



$148 MSRP

Data Backup

Automated Backups - Schedule your backups to automatically run at a specific time or on a recurring basis.

Customizeable Backups - Five available backup types - simple, versioned, clone, synchronized, and incremental.



$49 MSRP