Emergency Data Recovery

For unexpected emergency data loss situations, The Data Rescue Center offers both expedited and rush emergency evaluation and recovery services. Pricing and expected turn-around-times are listed at the bottom of this page.

Fill out the form below or contact us during listed hours to begin your recovery.

Emergency (Within 4 Hours)
Expedited (End of Day)
Standard (1 - 2 Business Days)
TDRC Award
TDRC Award
TDRC Award

The Data Rescue Center
1599 Greenville Road
Livermore, CA 94550

Main Office:

Evaluation Services

Service Time Cost
Standard 1-2 Bus. Days Free
Expedited End of Day $200
Emergency Within 4 Hours $250

Once the drive(s) arrive at our facility, we will perform the evaluation at your requested level.

You will be emailed a detailed diganosis and quote which will contain the pricing for the different recovery service levels.

Both our expedited and emergency services prioritize your case above other active jobs and our technicians work on holidays and weekends.

Recovery Services

Service Time Cost
Standard 7-10 Business Days Standard Quoted Price
Expedia 3-5 Business Days 2x Quoted Price
Emergency 1-2 Calendar Days 3x Quoted Price