Drive Genius 5

The latest advance from Prosoft Engineering

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The new Drive Genius 5 adds the powerful malware scanner, Drive Guard. The malicious protection feature looks through all incoming files for potential threats to your hard drive.

The central component of Drive Genius, DrivePulse™, automatically monitors the performance of your hard drive. The system promises to optimize your Mac’s performance. The core features of Drive Genius:

  • De-fragmentation organizes your files into contiguous areas on your drive, allowing your computer to perform less work to retrieve data
  • Repartition enables you to manage the partitions on your hard drive
  • Cloning determines how your drive is configured, and performs the most efficient data copy possible.
  • Physical Check of your hard drive problems resulting from a damaged drive, a bad cable, or a bad connection

Drive Genius 5 provides easy-to-use, yet powerful features for your Mac. The new combination of Malware protection and hard drive optimization makes Drive Genius 5 the industry leader for Mac performance software.

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