Drive Genius 4

Speed Up, Clean up and Protect Your Mac

Legacy Version for macOS 10.8 – 10.9.5

Click here for the current version that supports macOS 10.10 and above.

  • DrivePulse® alerts you to hard drive issues before they become major problems.
  • Features like Defrag and DriveSlim® will help keep your Mac running fast.
  • The all-new BootWell® tool lets you create a special bootable secondary drive to Defrag or Repair your main hard drive.
  • Personalize and Organize your Mac's folder and drive icons with IconGenius.

Price: $99

A Mac Defrag Software That Optimizes and Enhances the Performance of Your Hard Drive

Since its release in 2004, Drive Genius has been the industry leader for Mac hard drive tools. Drive Genius 4 sports a new, enhanced and simplified interface that allows for running utilities on multiple drives simultaneously and includes new and improved features to Speed Up, Clean Up and Protect your Mac.

Get faster performance from your Mac while also protecting it with Drive Genius. The award-winning DrivePulse® feature alerts you to hard drive issues before they become major problems. Top features like Defrag and DriveSlim® will help keep your Mac running fast. BootWell™ lets you create a special bootable secondary drive to Defrag or Repair your main Mac hard drive.

Why is my Mac so slow?

Mac users are always asking, “Why is my Mac running so slowly” and “How can I speed up my Mac!”

The primary reason your Mac may be slow is usually because the hard drive is in need of being defragmented* and optimized. Your hard drive has accrued millions of important computer files. With so much important data being added and stored onto one hard drive, your computer’s performance has slowed over time. It is important that you run a Mac Defrag with Drive Genius if you want your Mac cleaned up and running at its peak performance everyday.

Mac Spinning Wheel of Death
Mac Spinning Wheel of Death

The Best Mac Defrag Tool

Drive Genius is the number one-selling and most-used Defrag tool for the Mac operating system. Apple has been using it at the Genius Bar for over 7 years now.

Reorganize those large files
Drive Genius reorganizes large files, compacting them to be saved without fragmentation and consolidate the file into one contiguous file. The Mac Defrag will also improve the overall performance, boot time, application launch and access to your large files. When you defrag your hard drive, you are also reducing wear on the drive because the read/write heads do not need to travel as much across the drive when searching for a file after the defragmentation process. Drive Genius also compacts the larger files to allow them to be saved without fragmentation.

In order to defrag or repair your main hard drive, the OS requires that you boot from a secondary source. Drive Genius’ new BootWell™ tool makes it easy and convenient. BootWell creates a special bootable secondary drive, which can be used by Drive Genius to speed up or repair your main hard drive.

Protect your Mac

Most importantly, Drive Genius helps to protect your Mac from potential hard drive failures and errors that can cause you to lose your data. The award-winning DrivePulse® feature monitors the health of your hard drives to alert you to potential issues (errors, fragmentations, bad blocks) before they become a major problem.

DrivePulse® has been enhanced with the following features to do more extensive testing once the drive has been idle for 5 minutes.

  • A new heuristic engine analysis to notify you if a drive needs to be replaced before it actually stops working.
  • Monitors your hard drive for system changes during login and notifies you when a change occurs (a common avenue for a virus to infect your computer).
  • Monitors for low free space and notifies you when your hard drive is filling up.
  • Prevents your hard drive from sleeping when your computer is in use. This prevents applications from hanging while waiting for a sleeping disk to wake.
Mac Spinning Wheel of Death
Drive Genius BootWell Drive


Drive Genius’ NEW BootWell™ technology creates a special secondary startup drive that can be used to maintain or repair your main startup drive. A BootWell Drive will be required to use the following tools on your main startup drive:

  • Defrag
  • Repair
  • Rebuild
  • Advanced Physical Check
  • Whole-Drive Secure Erase

Note: The first initial boot into a BootWell created on El Capitan (10.11) may take up to 30 minutes; however, every boot from then on after should be much faster.

Drive Genius Mac Defragmentation


Optimize your drive for maximum performance. Defragment will re-organize each file into a contiguous area of your drive allowing your computer to perform less work while retrieving your files.

Drive Genius Repartition


Add, delete, hide, expand or shrink OS X partitions so you can organize your Mac hard drive more efficiently.

Repartition enables you to manage (shrink, expand, shift, delete, hide, reveal or customize) partitions (volumes) on your hard drives. Unlike traditional methods of backing up, erasing and repartitioning the drive, Drive Genius allows you to expand or shrink partitions without erasing them.

Drive Genius is extremely easy to use. In just a few clicks, Drive Genius can resize your partition to the size of your choice. You can use the Repartition feature to create and delete partitions. Drive Genius also includes many custom icons that can be automatically applied to your newly created partition. The Repartition feature can hide partitions from users as well. It also has the ability to shift a partition on the hard drive in addition to reconstructing partition maps.

Mac Bootable Clone


Automatically determines how your drive is configured, duplicates that configuration to the new drive and then performs the most efficient data copy possible.

Drive Genius Physical Check

Physical Check

Checks a drive for hardware related problems that may result from a damaged drive, a bad cable, or a bad connection.

Drive Genius Find Duplicate Files

Find Duplicates

Locates duplicate files and replaces those duplicates with an alias. Find Duplicates is powered by the award-winning technology of DriveSlim®.

Find Large Mac Files

Find Large Files

Powered by DriveSlim® – Large File Search finds very large files that are taking up space on your hard drive. This could be large video file that came preloaded on your Mac or some funny email attachment someone sent you. It is likely that you are not even aware of these files and Large File Search helps you keep tabs on what files are on your hard drive, allowing you to mark and delete the ones you no longer need.

Mac Icon Customization


Set a custom icon for a drive or folder. Personalize and make drive identification easier with fun, useful and cool icons.

Drive Genius Initialize Tool


The Initialize utility prepares new drives, or erases old drives, for use with OS X.

Drives can optionally be initialized for use with Windows / Camera cards or for use with legacy PowerPC macs.

Drive Genius Speed Test


Measures the optimal raw performance of your drive since it was last connected to your computer.

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Instant Drive Check

Instant Drive Pulse

Runs the most common DrivePulse® tests and provides a pass/fail status for the drive.

Mac Active Files Feature

Active Files

Active Files alerts you to files that are in use that may prevent you from shutting down your Mac or ejecting a drive. No more guesswork.

Mac Consistency Check

Consistency Check

Checks for possible file and folder corruption on formatted drives. Detecting and repairing any errors can help prevent data loss.

Mac Drive Repair


Can repair most kinds of logical file and folder errors on a drive to prevent future critical problems and potential data loss.

Mac Drive Rebuild


In circumstances where a file name is lost, the data is still there, but not accessible, Rebuild may be able to list lost file names to the file data again.

Mac Fix Permissions

Fix Permissions

Permission inconsistencies can result from bad application installers and lead to applications failing to open or randomly crashing.

Note: This utility is no longer available in 10.11 (El Capitan), as the operating system automatically fixes permissions during software updates and changes.

Mac Secure Erase

Secure Erase

Overwrites all data using one of five secure patterns designed to make data recovery near impossible, it then creates a newly formatted drive or deletes files and folders.

System Requirements

Current Version: 4.2.2

Mac Support

OS X 10.8 - 10.9.5
1GB RAM Minimum

If you are running macOS 10.10 and above, you need Drive Genius 5

Drive Genius 4 can be used for offline maintenance and repair of drives that have older unsupported versions of OS X installed.

For maintenance purposes, most Drive Genius 4 utilities work on the primary startup drive “live” with no need for a secondary startup drive. However all repair and recovery utilities require starting your computer from a secondary drive so they can have exclusive access to your primary drive.

The utilities that require a secondary startup drive are:

  • The advanced Physical Check Options.
  • Repair
  • Rebuild
  • Defragment
  • The Whole-Drive Secure Erase Option.

These utilities will automatically prompt you to restart using a BootWell drive as needed.

Mac Fusion Drive

Fusion Drive and FileVault 2 Support

Fusion Drive is a concept which combines high storage capacity of traditional drives with the high performance of flash storage.

Fusion Drives cannot be defragmented as it is a software RAID.

Drives with FileVault2 enabled must be booted into BootWell and have FileVault2 disabled to run Defrag, Repair, and Rebuild.

Repair/Rebuild Live Defrag
Volume Duplication Repartiton
Physical Check Clone

Drive Genius 4 Demo Version

To ensure the fully purchased version is what you are expecting, we offer a fully-functional 30-day demo of Drive Genius 4.

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