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$200 Data Recovery Service Credit

As an owner of Prosoft’s Data Rescue software, you may be entitled to a $200 credit towards professional data recovery services provided by The Data Rescue Center.

If Data Rescue cannot recover the data from your drive, chances are your drive has physical damage. Please don’t despair, your data is probably still on your drive and can usually be recovered by data recovery experts. We at Prosoft have created the worlds best Data Recovery Lab specifically for our valuable customers. Our lab, The Data Rescue Center is standing by to recover your data for you. We have decades of experience recovering data emergency cases just like yours and our state-of-the-art website will offer you an instant, no-risk, fixed-price, no-obligation quotation.

As a token of our appreciation of you for putting your trust in the Data Rescue family of products, we are offering you an automatic credit of $200 toward any data recovery services you may need at The Data Rescue Center. For the sake of your data, make the right move and continue to trust the best – The Data Rescue Center is here for you.

Please visit www.TDRC200.com for details or contact us to take advantage of this $200 credit.

When Data Recovery Software Can’t Work

There are cases where hard drive recovery software can’t work and won’t be able to recover your files. If the drive has physical damage (clicking, grinding or not spinning) no software will be able to recover your files. The only SAFE option to recover your priceless photos, videos, financial docs and everything else that resides on your computer is to hire a professional data recovery service.

Introducing The Data Rescue Center

The Data Rescue Center is a division of Prosoft Engineering, Inc. that was established in 2009. Both companies are headquartered in Northern California at the same state-of-the-art facility. The Data Rescue Center offers professional, affordable data recovery services and is approved by all major hard drive manufacturers.

Prosoft was established in 1985 and has a long history and vast knowledge of developing award-winning, hard drive recovery software and other utilities. Leveraging this extensive software development experience we apply detailed knowledge of all types of data loss scenarios, providing a unique advantage in all of our recovery services. The Data Rescue Center unique in the industry because it employs a full software engineering team in addition to specialized data recovery engineers, working together to improve both our software and services offerings.

The Data Rescue Center is well known for our reputable, honest and trustworthy business practices in what can sometimes be a very shady industry. There are several well known tricks and scams companies will use to take advantage of their customers. Please review our article in “Hakin9 IT Security” magazine that provides a good overview of the scams that are common in the data recovery industry and some precautions you should take when looking for a data recovery service. We all use computers everyday and never really think about what you would do if you were to lose your important files, documents, photos, music and videos until the day comes. Many computer users find themselves panicking during the crisis and are not sure what criteria to look for when making the important decision as choosing data recovery software or service. The Data Rescue Center strives to give you the best service and pricing possible.

The Data Rescue Center lab


It is always recommended to try our free Data Rescue Demo Software first in order to verify that a software recovery option is viable for your situation, however if you do purchase Data Rescue (Mac or PC) and later find your drive is damaged and requires a physical recovery, Prosoft will provide you a $200 credit toward professional recovery services at The Data Rescue Center. We guarantee a risk free service and are dedicated to getting your data back.

Please visit www.TDRC200.com for details or contact us to take advantage of this $200 credit.