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Data Backup 3

Powerful and Easy Mac Backup Software

This product has been discontinued.

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Data Backup 3 Time Machine

Beyond Time Machine

Time Machine provides a good basic backup function for your Mac, however Data Backup provides a powerful, easy-to-use Mac backup software solution that goes way beyond what Time Machine offers.

Time Machine CANNOT

  • backup to more than one volume
  • create bootable clones
  • create CDs or DVDs
  • work with many network devices
  • let you schedule backups for when it’s convenient for you

Data Backup provides all of these features and more to keep your files safe.

Ease Of Use

Select a backup type, source, and destination and your backup is ready to run. Or select one of the predefined backup types and backup all of your personal files, photos, etc. quickly and easily.

Data Backup provides all of these features and more to keep your files safe.

Data Backup 3 Easy Process
Data Backup 3 Bootable Clone

Fast Clone Backups

If you rely on your Mac to get work done, a failed boot volume or other hardware failure will leave you dead in the water. A bootable clone volume can allow you to get back to work right away. If you have another compatible Mac, you can even take a bootable clone volume with you to the other machine and start working right away. Data Backup makes it easy to create clone volumes and offers the fastest performance vs. the competing clone tools to keeping your clone up-to-date.

Why Backup to CDs/DVDs?

CDs and DVDs are the best way to store important data for the long-term. It is ideal for photos, videos, financial records and other important documents that you don’t access often, but need to keep safe for the long-term. CDs and DVDs are inexpensive and easy to store away in a safety deposit box or locked in a fireproof safe. Backing up these types of files to the cloud or a hard drive is much too expensive and risky for the long-term. Data Backup automatically splits large files across multiple discs, making it easy for you to keep any kind of important data safe. Data Backup can run unattended CD/DVD backups using the media that is in the drive and will use multiple CD/DVD drives allowing even larger backups to be run without any intervention.

Data Backup DVD/CD Backups
Data Backup Network Backups

Network Volumes

Data Backup can backup to many different types of network volumes. Data Backup will automatically mount network volumes before your scheduled backup starts. Data Backup stores files on network volumes as regular files – easy to access and retrieve without using the Data Backup application.


Data Backup allows you to encrypt your backups automatically. Data Backup’s encryption routines use public/private key encryption to allow your backups to occur without unlocking your other backup data unlike other encryption schemes that require your backup volume to be unlocked at all times so the backup can occur.

Data Backup 3 Encryption
Data Backup 3 Scheduling


Data Backup’s powerful scheduler allows you to schedule when your backups occur. Every hour, every Monday, when a device is plugged in, Data Backup gives you the flexibility to schedule it when it works best for you. Data Backup runs quietly in the background so you do not need to have the window open, be logged in, or even have your computer turned on (though you do need to have it plugged in!) for a backup to start.

Complete Set of Backup Types

Data Backup supports multiple backup types

  • Clone – creates a bootable clone of your disk, nothing extra
  • Simply Copy – the latest version of your files
  • Versioned – the latest versions, plus older versions so you can go back
  • Full/Incremental – old school
Data Backup 3 Types
Data Backup Performance


Data Backup does incremental backups, only copying those files that have been changed. Data Backup uses the advanced features of OS X to track which files have been updated without scanning for them, which means that backups start and finish faster.