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Data Rescue 4

Mac Data Recovery Software To Recover Missing or Deleted Files

  • Recovers deleted, damaged, and lost files
  • Rescues reformatted and non-mounting drives
  • Works on crashed, corrupted, and erased drives
  • SSD and RAID compatible
  • All purchases include a digital download to start your recovery immediately
  • All storage drives below offer single-click recovery for computers that won't start

Two Important Things You Will Need Before Your Recovery

  • A healthy hard drive or storage device to recover your files to
  • A device to boot up your computer, if it isn't turning on

Our Optional Storage Drives take care of both needs:

For Mac users, the storage device we offer will also boot your computer if it won’t start on its own.

For all users, an external storage device of some sort is necessary to recover your data to.

What Operating System?

Mac PC

Add Optional Storage Drive

None 16GB 500GB 1TB

Price: $69.00

Digital Download

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What is Data Rescue?

Data Rescue is a Mac Data Recovery Software that can recover your photos, videos and documents if they’ve been deleted, damaged or reformatted.

Why Choose This Mac Data Recovery Software?

Data Rescue has earned over 150 industry awards for best-in-class Mac recovery software since it’s debut in 2002.

  • 4.7 star average rating on Amazon
  • 5 stars on Apple Store
  • Awarded Top Ten Reviews' Best Mac Recovery software for the past 3 consecutive years.

3 Simple Steps To Recover Your Files

  1. Select a device to recover your data from
  2. Choose the type of data recovery scan to run
  3. Pick the files you would like to recover to your secondary storage device

Easy And Safe Mac Data Recovery Software

  • Works on all Mac hard drives even if they fail to mount or only partially operate.
  • Recovers digital pictures from your camera media even after it has been erased or reformatted.
  • Recover your entire Mac hard drive or just the files you need.
  • Recovers all file types from any HFS/HFS+ formatted drive.
  • Tuned for all modern Mac OS versions 10.8 and newer.
  • Recover from any iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac Mini, Mac Pro including retina displays.
  • RAW data recovery is enable from the entire Mac hard drive.
  • Supports data recovery from HTFS-based Boot Camp partitions.

Product Description

When performing a data recovery, you will need a hard drive to transfer the recovered data to. You can include an external hard drive to store the recovered data to by selecting either:

  • 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive
  • 500GB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive
  • 1TB External USB 3.0 Hard drive

These drives act as a storage device, as well as being a bootable recovery drive if you need to recover from the internal hard drive of your computer. Our recovery drives will perform the entire recovery with just a single click.

Mac BootWell Technology

Your Computer Won't Start Up?

Your main hard drive (sometimes referred to as the Main HD or Boot Drive) is where all of your computer files are stored. When there is a problem with this hard drive it can be very difficult, frustrating and time-consuming trying to recover your files when there is an issue with your hard drive turning/booting up. BootWell is an all-new feature that makes recovery of your main hard drive painless, fast and easy.

File Types

Supported File Types and File Systems

Data Rescue is capable of finding many types of files when performing a Deleted Files Scan or a Deep Scan. Some supported file types are:

  • Documents: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF
  • Images: JPEG, PNG, RAW, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Audio: MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC, Ogg
  • Videos: MPEG-4, QuickTime, AVI, WMV
  • Archives: Zip, Gzip, RAR, Stuffit
  • And many more!

In addition to files detected by their content when the file system is corrupted or non-functioning, Data Rescue supports recovering files from the following file systems:

  • HFS and HFS+

If a file system is unsupported, Data Rescue can still recover files through the deep scan by scanning for known file patterns.

Quick Scan

The Quick Scan is the fastest method that detects existing directory structures even if your hard drive does not mount. This scan will detect files with their original folder hierarchies and file names. It is recommended to try this scan method first if your volume is detected on the hard drive.

A Quick Scan can only be used on a volume. If you have selected the hard drive to be scanned, the Quick Scan will attempt to search for the first available volume on the hard drive, then rebuild the directory structure for that volume.

The Quick Scan typically takes a few minutes to complete, but may take up to a few hours to retrieve the results in more severe cases. Bad blocks on the hard drive may slow down the scan process, but will immediately speed up once it has overcome those bad blocks.

Due to Quick Scan’s overall speed, it should be tried first in most cases. Quick Scan should also be chosen if:

  • The startup disk fails to boot into the OS.
  • When an external drive fails to mount.
Data Rescue Quick Scan
Deleted File Recovery

Deleted Files Scan

Deleted Files Scan utilizes the unused free of a volume for any files based on file patterns. By scanning only the free space it allows the Deleted Files Scan to specifically detect any files that were deleted.

Once files are deleted through the Operating System, there is no more reference to their original directory structure, filename, or date created/modified. Data Rescue® 4 will not be able to detect the original information of that file in the directory structure. Instead, Data Rescue® 4 will rebuild any files that it detects based on its file patterns. The results of the Deleted Files Scan will be provided with generic filenames and organized by category in the Reconstructed Files folder.

Deleted Files Scan can utilize FileIQ for finding additional files.

The Deleted Files Scan usually takes up to three minutes per gigabyte of free space available on the volume. This makes the Deleted Files Scan faster than a Deep Scan since it is not scanning any known used space on the volume.

Deleted Files Scan should be used when your drive is working properly but files were deleted by the operating system, another program, or by you via the Trash.

Deep Scan

The Deep Scan is a comprehensive data recovery scan method that provides the most results possible.

The Deep Scan is a two part scan method:

  1. Detects existing directory structures on the hard drive.
  2. Scan the whole hard drive for any file patterns to rebuild the raw data of any recognized files.

As the first part of the scan, Deep Scan will detect any existing directory structures like the Quick Scan, but can detect multiple directory structures while scanning the hard drive with more than one volume. This will provide you with results from each found volume, with their original directory structures and file names.

The second part of the Deep Scan searches the entire hard drive for any files based on file patterns. Data Rescue® 4 detects over 150 major file types based on the files’ raw data (Deep Scan can utilize FileIQ for finding additional files).

These found files will not have their original directory structure or filenames since Data Rescue® 4 is rebuilding the files based on their file design. Instead, these results will be provided with generic filenames and organized by category in the Reconstructed Files folder.

The Deep Scan usually takes up to three minutes per gigabyte. With large capacity hard drives, it may require several hours to complete a scan. Physical issues such as bad blocks on the hard drive may slow down the scan process even longer, but the scan will immediately speed up once it has overcome the bad blocks. Allow adequate time for the scan to finish.

Deep Scan can be used when no volumes or partitions are detected on the drive, when a hard drive is formatted, or when a Quick Scan did not provide expected results. Its comprehensive scanning can return files that the other scan methods cannot.

Data Rescue Deep Scan
Data Rescue Clone


The purpose of the Data Rescue's cloning function is to copy a hard drive or volume to another hard drive or volume, so that the copy may be scanned, reducing the wear-and-tear on the original hard drive. This will free the hard drive from use while preserving the data that was on it for later scanning. Cloning is normally not required in order to scan and recover files with Data Rescue. The goal is to transfer all the data from the source to the destination, making a perfect one-to-one copy where it is possible. In some cases, due to disk errors on the source, copying can be hindered to the point where getting a perfect 100% is not possible because of the huge slowdown in read rate caused by errors; then the goal becomes transferring as much of the source data to the destination as possible within a certain time period.

To use the Clone feature, a spare hard drive is needed with the same or larger capacity than the original hard drive. The Clone feature makes a single pass copy of your hard drive onto another hard drive or into a disk image. Please note the cloned hard drive will be in the same logical state as the original hard drive. This means if the original hard drive is failing to mount or boot, the cloned hard drive will have the same failure to mount or boot. The purpose of the clone is to help overcome any slow reads or possible hardware failures that exist on the original hard drive.

Clone should be used when your drive is presenting hardware problems, such as clicking noises or slow reads and writes. Scanning a drive that may be going bad can potentially decrease its life faster than normal.


Data Rescue has extensive support for RAID drives. If your RAID appears in the source list, you can scan and clone it as a normal drive. However, if the RAID has become misconfigured, or each individual member appears as its own drive, Data Rescue has the ability to create a virtual RAID to simulate the hardware RAID. The following configurations are supported:

  • RAID 0 (Stripe)
  • RAID 1 (Mirror)
  • JBOD (Concatenated)

Once the virtual RAID is constructed within Data Rescue, it is treated like a regular drive and can be scanned or cloned. Please note that due to the large volume of RAID drives a RAID recovery can take significantly more time than recovering from a single drive.

RAID Recovery
File Type Recovery


FileIQ is a powerful feature which enables Data Rescue to learn new Mac file types. Simply drag sample files to the Data Rescue drop-in bin and Data Rescue will learn these new Mac file types.

The FileIQ feature would be used if:

  • A file type you are searching for is not found
  • You have a special file type that is not supported by Data Rescue 4
  • You want to check if a file type is supported

If Data Rescue 4 does not recognize the file type you are trying to recover, FileIQ will help Data Rescue 4 to learn new file types. Data Rescue 4 will analyze any good working file samples and detect any file patterns to help find missing files of that file type.


BootWell allows you to create a special secondary startup drive that can be used to recover files from your main startup hard drive. While being booted into BootWell it allows you to unmount your internal hard drive and get into a booted environment so you can recover files from your main startup hard drive and avoid the added steps of creating your own bootable copy of Data Rescue.

Data Rescue BootWell Drive


Data Recovery Mac

Data Rescue Version: 4.3.1

  • macOS 10.8 - 10.9.5
  • Intel Core 2 Duo and newer
  • Internet Connection
  • To prevent your files from being overwritten, Data Rescue requires you to have a second hard drive to recover to.
  • Data Rescue cannot recover an ethernet or WiFi connected hard drive.

If you are running Mac OS X 10.4.11-10.7.5, you need Data Rescue 3

Note: Non-Professional/Enterprise Licensees are limited to scanning a maximum of 5 drives.

24 Reviews for Data Rescue 4

Jay O. — June 13, 2017
I have used Data Recovery on many occassions and have found significant value in it. It is particularly easy to recover deleted files. It is the only tool that I have found that will work well with failing media. Data Recovery will work patiently while a drive is unresponsive for hours at a time. If I leave it running long enough, Data Recovery will eventually complete the process so long as the drive spins up sometimes, even if the filesystem can't mount the drive in question. Data Recovery is the most used tool in my data recovery toolkit.
Deborah — January 25, 2017
Accidentally wiped a drive that had almost ALL of my important documents. I had to do the deep scan but it appears that I have recovered one of the most important documents. It'll take me some time to go through the recovered items - but considering what I had before I started, this has been worth every penny!
Stefan — January 17, 2017
I had accidentally wiped the wrong drive when I was upgrading to SSD, and lost some pretty personal data, specificly a converted baby video from VHS to Digital. I was able to you the search feature after the deep scan was complete to find my Final Cut Pro Files and .mov files of my young self. This was truly a rejoicing moment. It should be noted that the drive was wiped like 3 times, since I had used to to back up others computers temp. Just goes to show what this software can handle. Also my drives were all formatted for Mac. In my overall review this software is more of an investment then just a simple purchase it goes a long way and saves you money from going to an actually company to get a drive serviced. :D
Alan C. — January 06, 2017
My drive would no longer mound due to Invalid Content in the Journal. Nothing I tried would enable the drive to mount. I read reviews on disk recovery software, and Data Rescue came out on top, and I purchased after running it first and seeing that it was able to see all my files. The recovery process was straight forward, and 100% complete. Data Rescue organized my files under the exact same folder structure that there were on the drive. The drive is a 2.5' Seagate and the O/S is Mac Sierra 10.12.3. The reviews turned out to be valid, Data Rescue did the job, and did it well.
James — December 27, 2016
Recovered my files off of a SD card that my computer said was corrupt and refused to recognize...for that alone it was worth every penny (and it was a lot of pennies).
Jenny — December 26, 2016
Thank you, I lost a file I had worked on for hours and now I have it back! I don't think I've ever reviewed software before but I am so grateful!
Derek T. — December 16, 2016
As some of the other reviewers, i was slightly sceptical of this package. As a keen photographer, i had thousands of images on my Buffalo 1TD External HDD. The drive failed to mount on my iMac. The drive sounded dubious mechanically. I installed Data Rescue 4, and to my horror it kept telling me the drive was mechanically defective, and to contact Data Rescue Support!! I tried this many times, in the hope that it would manage to bypass this damaged area, and begin the rescue process. Unfortunately this didn't happen. As a last resort i used the OS X El Capitan Disk Utility, and erased the drive. From this point, Disk Rescue worked fine, and managed to recover the entire drive >500GB of images. This did take a few days, but the wait was worth it.
Robert — December 14, 2016
Lost files on HD and reformatted the CF card on my camera. Recovered all lost photos from the CF card since I hadn't overwritten anything yet. Phew!
David — December 05, 2016
Was really skeptical. Video Files got corrupted while I pulled the CF Card out of my 5DMark II. They were all thankfully recovered. THANK YOU! Best I have spent in a long time.
Konrad — November 28, 2016
What a life-saver! Managed to mis-sync the master files of a project to my cloud backup and managed to wipe them all. What's worse, my local sync folder is on a SSD - so I had great reservations about ever seeing the data again. Was looking at two solid days' work to re-create the projects. So I downloaded the trial version to see if it could find and reconstruct the files... and WOW! After a few hours of trawling through the drive, Data Rescue actually found all of them. Having to buy the software to actually rescue the data was absolutely worth it. Brilliant, brilliant!
Joel M. — November 26, 2016
Easy to use.... important - read web site far so good.... now to clone and rescan due to possible hardware problems. Initial scan ended early by hitting cancel due to possible hardware failure...even at that level of the recovery process I was able to recover some very imp. docs. very pleased!!! thank you Prosoft.
Wayne — November 23, 2016
This is a great product! The software was easy to download and start using right away, which is just what I needed. The Quick Scan worked perfect, and allowed me to quickly recover the files I was looking for off an old hard drive I deleted all the files from.
Cecilia — November 23, 2016
Data Rescue was my life saver, I thought I lost 15 years of memories in photos, music and some important documents but with Data Rescue I recovered all of them. Very pleased with the results.
David — November 18, 2016
Recommended by my school district's IT building staff. Data Rescue recovered all of my files (MS Office, jpeg, pdf, mp3) I assumed were gone on my flash drive. Saved me hours and hours of work!
Nick L. — November 17, 2016
Data Rescue is great - it found file types the other applications I tried weren't able to.
Cricket — November 17, 2016
Absolutely amazing product. I am a photographer, and I found myself in a place I never had been. I lost some images of a wedding I shot, and had imported. I tried another product to extract from a cf card, with no luck. I got data rescue, and I've been saved. I had even done a couple of engagement shoots since the wedding, so I was not sure how much it would recover. As far as I know, it recovered everything. I went from only being able to show part of the wedding day and having to tell a bride I lost her images, to being able to show her entire wedding.
Eric A. — November 14, 2016
Data Rescue 4 just recovered video files from an SD card that apparently was damaged while playing back one of the video takes in the camera. Card readers connected to the computer and the camera itself said the card was now empty and needed to be formatted. Three other recovery programs didn't work. With DR4, I got my files back, including some that had been erased when the card was wiped from other shoots. Wow! Thank you.
Bridgett N. — November 01, 2016
Awesome software. Lost important photos for work on SD card and was able to get them back!
Artur — October 20, 2016
Very easy to use, it seems that everything was recovered.
Alistair — October 17, 2016
Data rescue works! When my external drive chock full of all variety of files packed up on me, I needed to try and restore as much as I could. I did my research and decided to give Data Rescue a try - demo first of course as Prosoft recommend.

It was a large (3 TB) drive and yes, it did take a long time to complete the recovery time. But it was certainly worth it.

Almost a complete successful recovery with original files and structure intact. There were a few stray files but compared to the huge amount of data recovered the extra time taken to identify them and restore them to their proper place was worth it.

Highly recommend this software - I also have to add that I did have need to seek support from Prosoft. The response was quick, professional and displayed excellent customer service and a high level of integrity.
Roger K. — October 16, 2016
Saved my bacon at least twice!! Hadn’t backed up in a while and the drive started acting funny–was able to get the data before all was lost!
Luke C. — October 16, 2016
After reformatting my external HD by accident, your Data Rescue production did exactly what it says on the tin. Thank you very much! From a very happy Customer!
Aaron M. — October 01, 2016
Just wanted to say THANK YOU for Data Rescue. Apple couldn't retrieve my files and handed back my dead drive. With your software and a USB drive adapter, I saved everything 100% intact.
Peter — September 29, 2016
This product (Data Rescue) REALLY works!!! It will restore your files with their content and correct file name (most other software will not restore the file name which makes the whole process VERY PAINFULL). And I was able to recover BIG files (+10GB) which is usually very difficult! Love this software, highly recommended!

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Data Rescue 4 Demo Version

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Within the demo of Data Rescue you will be able to see if the software is able to detect your drive, run a full scan on the drive, view the scan results and even open and preview every file to make sure you have a successful recovery before you need to purchase anything.

The demo version of the software runs the same scan engine and will show you exactly what the purchased version will find. If the demo is not able to find your files the purchased version will have no different results. We recommend contacting our technical support team if you run into any issues with the software.

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Why Choose the Professional IT License Option?

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  • Free Updates.
  • Free Premium Technical Support – Contact our technical support team via phone, email or chat if you need assistance using Data Rescue. Our support team is very knowledgable in all aspect of data recovery.
  • The Data Rescue Center Partnership – The IT license also give you a partnership with our data recovery service, The Data Rescue Center to receive: FREE evaluation and diagnosis, FREE US shipping, and Discounts on any physical hard drive recoveries.

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