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Data Rescue 5


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Run a full scan just like the paid version. This allows you to preview what is recoverable and ensures you are satified before buying!

Data Rescue 5

Standard License

Up to 5 Drives, Unlimited Recoveries

Data recovery for home users: Quick and Deep scan options. Save your previous scan and continue where you left off. Recognize duplicates and save space.

Data Rescue is the clear choice.

Data Rescue is designed, developed and tested in a professional Data Recovery Lab to ensure that it works in real-world cases like yours. No other competitor can claim such an advantage.

With nearly 20 years of rich heritage and billions of files found. Data Rescue the clear choice for those serious about becoming reunited with their lost files. When your important files are on the line, we urge you to be careful about who you trust.

Not sure if Data Rescue can help you? Try our Demo app to view all your files that can be recovered.

No Risk. No Obligation, and it’s Free!

License Comparison and Features

Data Rescue Standard

Standard Mode

  • Advanced Search
  • Robust File Support
  • Email Notifications
  • Duplication Recognition
  • Recovery File Preview
  • Time Machine Compatibility
Data Rescue Pro

Professional Mode

Includes everything in standard and more...

  • Professional User Interface
  • Unlimited Drive Recoveries
  • Mac and PC Cross-Compatibility
  • View Raw Drive and File Data
  • Faster Scan and Recovery Speeds

Supported File Types

Data Rescue supports any file type, as long as it is able to be found in an HFS/NTFS catalog

Such files will appear under the “Found Files” folder of the scan results. For files that have been deleted, lost on a reformatted drive, or are on a drive with the new APFS format (and therefore have no HFS/NTFS catalog entry), Data Rescue 5 supports these files as well and will locate them when doing a Deep Scan. These files will appear under the “Reconstructed Files” folder in the scan results list.

View the Full List of Supported File Types

If you are still not seeing your files, the FileIQ feature in Data Rescue allows you to teach new file types to the software using a few example files.

Terms of Delivery

Once your order for any of our softwares has been processed successfully, your registered activation serial number and download link will be emailed to you immediately.

Don’t see the email? Check your junk folder! Still don’t see it? Contact Us! We will help you out.

Upgrade Policy

Like everything else, things need to be upgraded to the latest version. Our software is upgraded to meet your systems needs. If you have been a long time customer, we appreciate you! You know that you receive upgrade discounts right?

Upgrades for Data Rescue are limited to Data Rescue 4.

Terms of Sale

If you purchased any of our softwares, your purchase is considered final and we unfortunately do not issue refunds. Your decision to purchase or upgrade is assumed to be conscious. If you purchased our software, it is assumed you have already tried our free demo version of the software and have been satisfied with the results you have received.

Please keep in mind, the free demo for Data Rescue allows you to run a full scan and preview what is in fact recoverable before buying. This allows you to determine if the software has met your needs.

*Purchasing the software after you have ran the free demo will not change your demo results.

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