Secure Erase Your Hard Drive

  • To be used only when erasing all data from your computer. Secure erasing immediatley starts after CD boot.
  • Securely erase a single drive, or multiple drives (requires CleanExitPlus)
  • No operating system required. Just boot from the included CD
  • Supports IDE, SATA, USB, eSATA, FireWire, and more

This product has been discontinued.

Identity Theft

Software That Protects You From Identity Theft

CleanExit is the best wiping software to use before you sell, donate or recycle your computer or hard drive. Your computer’s hard drive has all of your personal files such as passwords, account login information, personal pictures and sensitive documents. Simply deleting your files or reformatting the hard drive won’t cut it. Both of those options leave the files intact and many hard drive recovery software tools can get them back fairly easily. We should know, we sell the highest-rated data recovery software on the planet!

To protect yourself, you have to make sure you use a secure erase software that writes over every single file. CleanExit is built with over 20 years of experience in the hard drive recovery business. We know exactly what needs to be done to make sure your confidential files can never be recovered again. Protect yourself with CleanExit.

The Best Secure Erase Software

CleanExit is a hard drive wiping software that is simple, fast and easy to use. It also works on both Macs and PCs, as well as any Intel based Linux computers. For a secure erase of your data, CleanExit permanently deletes all files from any type of hard drive, flash or camera media making the files unrecoverable.

CleanExit computer

How to Wipe a Hard Drive

If you just delete files or reformat a drive, the files still reside on that drive and can be recovered in minutes. To protect yourself, your files must be written over to become unrecoverable. CleanExit scans the drive and writes over all sectors with “CLEANEXIT” across the entire drive. Once CleanExit is finished, no recovery software will be able to pull up any information or files that were previously stored on the drive. If you are looking for a secure erase software solution, CleanExit is the best hard drive secure erase software available.

Trust the Secure Erase Experts

Prosoft has been in the hard drive business for over 20 years. We have performed hard drive recoveries from all types of data loss scenarios, most of which the customer had thought their files were permanently erased. We are the experts at recovery as well as erasing files beyond the point of recovery. CleanExit has been put through rigorous testing in our data recovery labs and is the absolute secure way to erase your files forever.

Over 20 Years of Experience

Extra Piece of Mind

After a hard drive has been wiped with CleanExit, the next time that hard drive is started up again, you will be greeted with an onscreen message that states the drive has been fully erased. This is useful for a quick check in case you have several drives and may have accidentally mixed them up.

Wipe Your Hard Drive Clean

If you have a single drive in your computer that you are looking to securely erase, simply purchase a single user license of CleanExit and you will be able to erase your internal drive.

If you have multiple drives you would like to erase simultaneously, our professional CleanExitPlus version is for you. The CleanExitPlus serial number supports multiple drive erasing for all the drives (hard drives, solid state drives, flash media or digital camera cards) that you have connected to your computer.

CleanExit Version: 1.0

  • CleanExit works on Intel PCs and Macs with CD/DVD drives, as well as any Intel based Linux computers
  • Supports IDE, SATA, USB, eSATA, and FireWire
  • Supports flash drives and camera media cards

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