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CF Card Recovery

CF cards were one of the most successful memory card formats when flash storage became popular. They continue to be used today and are commonly found in professional camera devices such as Canon and Nikon. They use flash storage technology to store data on the small card and have no moving parts. CF Cards are known to be faster and more durable than other media cards on the market. The constant addition of new photos and videos that are added to the device creates a regular opportunity for data loss to occur, causing you to be in need of CF Card Recovery.

As with any data recovery situation, stop using the CF card to avoid potentially overwriting the needed data. Data loss can occur when files are accidentally deleted, moved to the trash or the CF card is formatted. Improperly removing the drive from a computer reader without ejecting can also cause corruption on the CF card, leaving you unable to access your data properly. If the CF card is readable by the computer Prosoft Engineering’s software, Picture Rescue 2, may be able to recover photos and videos from the card.

If digital image recovery software is not able to recognize the CF card, The Data Rescue Center can still potentially extract data from the device. The Data Rescue Center will be able to see what is exactly going on with the CF card and diagnose the root of the issue. Our technicians will reconstruct data from the cards internal chip using specialized tools depending on the situation.

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