Computer users, both professional and novice, are often faced with the common problem of how to recover data from a hard disk after it has been accidentally deleted. Users could find themselves facing this problem simply because they mistakenly pressed the wrong button or accidentally dropped an important file into the windows recycle bin. By the time they realize that they’ve lost important piece of work, it is already too late. However, it is rare that these files are permanently deleted from the computer and windows data recovery can help users recover such data.

Initially, older versions of windows provided users with software called ‘undelete.exe’; since the use of the recycle bin this software is no longer provided. However, even with the implementation of the recycle bin in Windows, files can get accidentally deleted or may become corrupt and windows data recovery software are required to restore important data.

To understand how these windows recovery software works, one needs to gain some background knowledge into how files are stored on a hard drive. At the most basic level, the hard disk space is divided into small units called sectors. Windows stores file data using the NTFS (New Technology File System) standard. Under this system, file data is stored in clusters. A cluster is a bunch of sectors grouped together. Windows recovery software searches the hard drive for clusters that look like they might be the lost files and help the user to recover them.

There are several data recovery softwares that can help users recover files that have been deleted due to the user’s error. One such software is ProSoft Engineering’s Data Rescue PC3. This software is a windows recovery tool created for recovering lost or corrupt data. The main feature of this software is that is focuses on recovering files instead of damaging the hard drive by attempting to solve the problem. In case of a corrupt hard drive, the software provides the user with a ‘repair’ option, but this should only be used once all important files have been safely recovered. Furthermore, considering the complex nature of the software, this recovery software is fairly easy to use and what’s more, it does not require windows to be running in order to be able to recover your files.

Data Rescue PC3 is a rather powerful tool; not only can it recover the most common types of files but it can also restore damaged files or partitions. Data Rescue PC3 combines ease of use with power and provides users with a reliable solution to the aforementioned issue. This should be your first choice when searching for windows data recovery software.