I want to describe to you a recent conversation I had with a customer about Defragging. He called because he was unsure about how to run a Defrag with Drive Genius 3. He previously had a older version of Drive Genius which required booting from another device to Defrag the hard drive.  In Drive Genius 3, there is LiveDefrag which allows a user to Defrag their Macintosh HD from within Mac OS. This boots a the Mac in a minimal environment and then Defrags the Macintosh HD and when its done then reboots into Mac OS X. He had noticed that he was getting a lot of spinning wheels and Mac was running slow. He checked the fragmentation of the Macintosh HD and it was over 30%, so he initiated the defrag. Once finished and all done he could tell the Mac was more responsive and he thanked us for providing quality software.

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