Since Data Rescue 3 is used by so many clients that have critical safety and security concerns, it stands to reason that this Mac hard drive recovery software is something special. Any type of file retrieval operation needs to be handled correctly. Whether dealing with recovery Windows-based NTFS file or Mac data rescue, retrieval must be done correctly or the job will be botched. When Data Rescue 3 is used for OS X data recovery, file safety remains a priority. The program scans the drive for missing data without altering the file system.

Once the files have been located, Data Rescue 3 generates a report that will tell the user the probability of a successful Mac recovery. Some files will be easily and successfully retrieved; however, there are some files that have become too corrupted to guarantee a successful recovery. Data Rescue 3 shows this information in a graphical format that indicates the likelihood of success. The user may choose which files to recover based on this data. The files marked for Mac disk recovery are then saved to a different media to ensure that they are not corrupted further by writing them back to the ailing disk.

Data Rescue 3 is the only Macintosh file recovery software you will ever need.