Here at Prosoft we are experts in file recovery.  We know just how files are saved to your drive, and how the process behind recovering deleted files from a drive is done.  This has also made us the experts on how to securely erase a file to the point that no other recovery software or service will be able to retrieve your files under any circumstances.  Which is absolutely necessary when disposing or selling your computer or hard drive.

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

One of the growing problems in this digital age is identity theft.  All your personal information is stored on your hard drive and if it gets in the wrong hands you could become a victim of identity theft.  Take the extra step and minimize your risk by always securely erasing your data from your hard drives before your sell, donate, or recycle your drives.

Which Wiping Software

We offer multiple different ways to securely erase your data from your drives, whether you are an Apple, Windows or Linux users even if you are a novice computer user.

On Macs we have Drive Genius, Speed Up, Clean Up and Protect your Mac.  While Drive Genius’s primary goal is to monitor the health and integrity of your drives, it also allows the ability to securely erase another drive or single files, using the Secure Erase Feature. Drive Genius also allows for some additional flexibility with the secure erase feature, you can pick and decide which drive is wiped and with what pattern:

  • 1 Pass (Zeros)
  • 1 Pass (Random)
  • 3 Pass (Random)
  • 7 Pass (DoD)
  • 35 Pass (Gutmann)

Using Disk Utility to Wipe a Drive

While Macs already have a built in Disk Utility that has the ability to securely erase a drive, you will need to be launched from a secondary startup drive if you plan on erasing your internal boot drive. For a majority of our customers they are not comfortable wiping a drive within Disk Utility out of the fear of erasing the wrong drive, or they do not have the time or materials available to create a secondary startup drive. Disk Utility also limits the user to only being able to wipe a single drive at a time.

Professional Level MediaTools Wipe Software

If you are running Windows you can use MediaTools Wipe, which is a software specifically designed for wiping drives at a business or enterprise level. Media Tools has the most Wiping patterns as well as the most flexibility. MediaTools Wipe allows the user to wipe 18 drives simultaneously and will also provide wipe certificates after the wipe is completed for each drive , you can also use the DriveLock feature to hide drives that you do not want to wipe by mistake. MediaTools Wipe includes a Full Hex Viewer so that you can inspect the data before and after the scan and make sure that the data has been wiped with the correct wiping pattern. Unlike all our of our software applications that can wipe drives, MediaTools is the only application that will let you customize your wipe pattern to whatever you would like. MediaToolsWipe also has the ability to be installed from a USB drive so that you can wipe drives on the go.

MediaTools supports and can wipe:

  • IDE
  • ATA
  • SATA
  • SCSI
  • USB
  • Fixed Disks
  • Floppies
  • Zip Drives
  • Flash Media

Simplest and Easiest, Hard Drive Wiping Software

CleanExit is capable of being run on any Mac, Windows or Linux computers. CleanExit is a simple and easy application that just wipes drives.  It is designed for any computer user, from a novice to an expert.  CleanExit is run from a CD or DVD (if you do not have a CD or DVD drive you will need to attach an optical drive to use the software). CleanExit was designed to just wipe a single drive on your system, if you have more than one drive connected you can use CleanExit Plus, which operates in the same way as CleanExit, only it allows for the ability to wipe all of the drives currently connected to your system.

If you need any further help deciding which is the best tool for wiping your hard drives or help using any of our software, we invite you to our California based support team.