SSD prices are dropping to a dollar a gigabyte and less these days. Depending on which brand and read/write speed you’re willing pay for, there may be a SSD drive in your budget range. A quick search of “Best SSD” in Google may give you many different results, some of which may be purely based on price. However, if you’re looking for the best overall speed and fastest read/write speeds, look no further than the OWC Mercury Extreme. Oh, and the industry-best 5 year warranty knocks-it-out-of-the-park, further distancing the OWC Mercury Extreme from anything else on the market-

Top 5 SSD drives for the money.

OWC Mercury Extreme 559/527 read/write MB/s* Samsung 830 520/320 read/write MB/s OCZ Vertex 4 560/430 read/write MB/s Plextor M3 Pro 535/350 read/write MB/s Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 560/520 read/write MB/s

  • The OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G specs reflect sustained reads/writes rather than sequential reads, based on supplied data from each manufacturer. However it’s important to note that OWC has a 5 year warranty and all others are 3 years or less. When investing in an SSD drive (which is still new technology), a solid warranty is very important. This makes the OWC my top choice for an SSD drive, based on performance, speed, value and warranty.

When you’re ready to upgrade to an SSD drive, consider speed and warranty along with the price. As with most higher-end computer components, you really get what you pay for and having a long warranty can be priceless later on.

To go along with your new SSD drive, I recommend Drive Genius 3 to clone your Mac OSX volume or whole drive from your existing drive to your new SSD. You can also use the powerful DriveSlim® tool (part of Drive Genius 3), to help free up space on your SSD. Another great feature of Drive Genius 3 is the DrivePulse® tool. DrivePulse is an early warning system that can identify and report problems your drive may be experiencing and warn you to take preventative measures-

Drive Genius 3 + SSD = Full Speed, Slimmed-Down Computing at its Finest.