Today I spoke with a customer regarding a common issue: she had erased an external hard drive with all her family photos and videos by mistake when trying to set up a new volume on another external drive. She had heard about Data Rescue 3 for Mac. She ran a Deleted Files Scan which ran a long time but could not find the data she was after. Then she decided to run a Quick Scans which also was not the right scan in this scenario. I then explained to her that when a hard drive is erased, you want to run the Deep Scan on that drive. The Deep Scan runs on the entire drive whereas a Deleted Files Scan scans only the free space of the hard drive.  The Quick Scan can only run on a volume that does not mount or is having problems starting up. After the scan finishes she was able to go the Reconstructed Files folder and recover her Photos from the images folder. She was happy with the results and the direction to follow, sometimes its best to call support if you have any questions about how to use one of our products.