The Repair feature in Drive Genius 3 is an excellent tool for verifying and repairing most kinds of logical hard drive faults. It analyzes the volume for a general overview and can repair or rebuild the volume. In addition, it can be used to fix Mac OS X file permissions on your startup volume. We recommend running Repair when you see excessive system crashes and periodically for unusual minor faults. Before using the Repair feature we always recommend doing a clone backup or using Time Machine first, before proceeding.

The five functions available to help you fix your hard drive are:

Verify: Runs a general scan over the volume to detect any errors.

Repair: Checks the volume for any errors, and attempts to repair them if they are found.

Rebuild: This will rebuild the portion of the drive (known as the Catalog B-Tree) that contains information pertaining to the location of all the files on the volume.

Repair Permissions: Correct the ownership and permissions according to Apple specifications.

Verify Preferences: Searches for possible errors with preference files.

A very important factor to consider is if your volume or drive is unbootable. If you do not have a backup of your files or applicatoins, we recommend cloning the drive first. Since repairing the drive does include moving files, it’s crucial to have a backup before starting the repair/rebuild process. Just in case it cannot be repaired you will have an exact copy to recover your files from.