I spoke with a customer today who was asking why it was taking a long time to scan his internal drive that was not mounting. He had trouble with this Mac and one day it would not start up to Mac OS X. He used his Drive Genius 3 disk and ran a scan on the drive to find out that the drive had quite a few bad blocks. He decided to recover his data using Data Rescue 3. The scan had been running for hours and the progress was really slow. I suggested to clone the drive because if the drive is failing, then running a Deep Scan may not complete. The clone took a long time to finish but he was then able to run a Deep Scan on that cloned drive to get his data. Prosoft offers Free Technical Support so if you have any questions feel free to contact our Support Team (Available Mon-Fri 7am-5pm PST). He was happy that he was able to get his data from the failing drive.