There is an old saying that if you are not moving forward, you are falling behind. Here at Prosoft Engineering, we believe in that principle and are constantly striving to give you improved products and services. Therefore, we keep on top of industry changes and update our products to keep them fresh and relevant. In fact, we offer more free updates during the product’s lifecycle than most companies.

Established in 1985, we have stayed in business for 25 years because we believe in giving quality customer service, before and after the sale. Free, downloadable demos give you the chance to try our software and see if it will work for you. Free phone support is available every step of the process from the purchasing to installation to product use. You can also reach us by email for support.

Computer maintenance, data protection and data recovery are our specialties. Whether you use a Macintosh computer or a Windows-based PC, we have software that will be a valuable tool for your computing requirements. Not only do we offer full version software, but Macintosh users can purchase light versions of our award-winning Drive Genius 3 and Data Rescue 3 from Apple’s App Store. If you decide that the full version suits your needs better, upgrading is easy and cost effective.

Since we are continually improving our products, update capability is conveniently included in the product’s program. If you have the feature turned off by chance, you can still go to our site to check for and download the free updates.

Because of our expertise and knowledge in computer hard drive data recovery software, we know that not every recovery can be accomplished with a software program. In July of 2009, we founded The Data Rescue Center to handle recovery from damaged drives. Our data recovery Macintosh experts and Windows specialists recover files that are not accessible by a software solution.