Computer Data Recovery is one of the most important issues that computer owners need to be aware of. Today, any number of factors can threaten user data, including viruses, spyware, and simple user error—the accidental deletion of important files. However, just because a file has been deleted from a Windows or Mac computer does not mean that it cannot be recovered. Using tools such as Prosoft Engineering’s Data Rescue 3 and Data Rescue PC, computer users can recover lost data.

When a file is deleted, the physical space on the drive that it occupied is marked as empty, but the actual data is not removed until it is overwritten by other data. Because of this, data can remain on hard drives in this form for days or even months after deletion. Prosoft’s Data Rescue tools work by combing through the free space on the drive and assembling the various bits found into complete files. Data Rescue is available for both Windows Data Recovery and Mac Data Recovery and specializes in both Computer Data Recovery and Digital Picture Recovery.

Among Data Rescue 3’s features are Clone feature, used for making a copy of the entire hard drive to work from, useful for working with broken hard drives that continue to lose data with every use. Data Rescue 3 also provides several options for scanning: Quick Scan, the fastest of the scanning options, Deep Scan, the most thorough, and Delete Files Scan which searches only for files that have been deleted. Data Rescue 3 also offers a Preview button, which shows the contents of the files that can be selected for recovery. This feature is useful as the names of deleted files and photographs often cannot be recovered by any Computer Data Recovery software.

Separate versions of Data Rescue 3 are available for both Windows Data Recovery and Mac Data Recovery, providing an effective solution to data recovery for both Windows and Mac users.