Computer support technicians field a wide variety of calls from computer users. Technicians handle issues from computer users of both PCs and Macs. While there are some differences in the two formats, many of the issues are common to all computers and can be handled similarly. Some of the questions asked of the support group at Prosoft Engineering concern digital picture recovery and the procedure to recover hard drive data that has been lost. Prosoft, a software design company in Livermore, California, specializes in data recovery and computer maintenance software solutions.

One support technician mentioned that customers will often call and ask, “How do I speed up my Mac? It seems to be running slower than normal.” This is a common question that all computer users will have and the solution is usually found in proper computer maintenance. Following a good regimen is essential for extending hard drive life and for keeping a computer running optimally.

Using a program designed specifically for computer maintenance takes the guesswork out of proper care. For example, Prosoft’s Drive Genius, designed for Mac computers, performs maintenance chores either with manual intervention or quietly in the background. One of the most important tasks to perform for extended hard drive life is routine defragmentation.

File fragmentation results from editing and resaving files. A file becomes larger each time and if it outgrows the original disk space, the computer will split it into fragments and store them in other locations. Defragmentation reassembles the files and places them in a contiguous space. This extends drive life by reducing seek-time wear and speeds up file access as well.