Today I helped a customer use Drive Genius 3 to repair an error on the Macintosh HD volume of his Mac. He had received warnings from DrivePulse that this volume had errors and needed to be repaired.

Features of DrivePulse®

DrivePulse is a feature of Drive Genius 3 that monitors the health of your hard drive when your computer is idle for more than 5 minutes.  It has the ability to quickly check your drive for any errors, fragmentation or bad blocks.  It is a great way to monitor the health of your Mac hard drive before any big problems can arise.

Troubleshooting with Drive Genius 3

He had first opened Drive Genius 3 and went to the Repair feature, but this function was grayed.  Next he ran Verify and Repair Permissions instead, but he continued to see warnings from DrivePulse.  He was not sure what to do next since the Repair option was grayed out, so he contacted our Free support team for advice.

Unmount for Volume Repair

I talked to him and explained why Repair was grayed out. This is because a volume must be unmounted in order to run Repair.  In this case since his Macintosh HD was his primary startup volume, he must startup from another device in order to run the Repair. He had a Late 2011 model MacBook Pro and he did have a Clone Backup of his hard drive. He was able to startup from the Clone, open Drive Genius 3 and run the Repair on his Macintosh HD.  He was glad that he was able to perform the volume repair and fix the issue, thankfully DrivePulse detected the problem before it became a more serious issue.

Award-Winning Disk Utility

Drive Genius 3 is the best mac hard drive utility on the Mac platform.  Speed up, Clean up and Optimize your Mac with these award-winning features:  DrivePulse, Enhanced Defrag, DriveSlim, Enhanced Repartition are only a few of the features of Drive Genius 3.